Why I’m voting NDP tomorrow

October 18, 2015 Comments Off on Why I’m voting NDP tomorrow
Why I’m voting NDP tomorrow

Those of you who’ve watched this space for a while know that I generally do not consider myself beholden to any particular political party. I tend to vote based on policies, so without further ado, the policies that decided me this time:

Environment – whether it’s a carbon tax, or a cap-and-trade scheme for reducing carbon outputs, I support change to the status quo. I’d also like to see significantly reduced or eliminated subsidies to oil and gas producers.

Education – while K-12 education is largely a provincial responsibility, there are some things that the federal government can focus on: First Nations education opportunity equity, and post-secondary possibilities. Mulcair’s promise to phase out interest charges on student loans so the government is not profiting from students strikes me as a strong move in a positive direction.

Senate – Triple-E or bust.

Other issues that are more places where I disagree with the Conservatives rather than agreeing with the NDP. Identity politics, fear-mongering over Muslim takeovers, Bill C-51, and the TPP, are all things which mean that I cannot, in good conscience, vote for the CPC.

So, why not the Liberals? Two reasons: first, I’m not convinced the spectre of the sponsorship scandal had been scrubbed from the party, as the recent resignation of Dan Gagnier seems to indicate that business under the Liberals would return to pre-Martin “normalcy.” Second, in my riding, it seems likely the NDP present the most likely party to challenge the CPC. I don’t consider this strategic voting, but it’s certainly a consideration.

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