What I did this week

September 20, 2012 Comments Off on What I did this week
What I did this week

If you’ve been following me on Twitter at all, you’ll know that in the last couple of weeks, I’ve been elbow-deep in finishing off a project started last spring.  In June, I filmed the Carlton drama group’s play Invincible. I picked up some final shots this fall, so I put the final pieces in the edit, then banged my head on the wall trying to get Premiere Pro CS3 to export it. I finally got that done, and because we’re making DVD packages of the project, I put together a case wrap and insert.  I’m extremely happy with the way everything turned out, from the filming to the artwork.  As always, I learned some good lessons for next time  – primarily, to use an off-camera mic to pick up sound while filming…

The film uses the script the students wrote for the play, but changes the tone significantly. Because the play was intended to be performed in the round, with mostly school-aged kids sitting very close to the actors, there was a rawness and immediacy that we knew we wouldn’t be able to replicate onscreen.  Instead of trying to film the play as it was, the students and their director David Zulkoskey thought through ways that the script could be adapted to be more film-like.  As I said, I’m pretty happy with the result, but it does lack some of the energy of the live show.  The benefit of the film, of course, is that it can be in more places than the students can be.

The group that commissioned the piece is Community Mobilization, a cross-organisation clearinghouse for people in difficulty. Modeled on a successful program in Edinburgh, Scotland, CMPA has been studied by police forces and cities across Canada because of its effectiveness not only in reducing crime, but also in diverting families from Social Services.

Anyway, I thought I’d share what I put together here, so here’s the artwork, and below, you’ll find the YouTube version of the video.


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