On Historical Erasure

On Historical Erasure
September 2, 2017 No Comments »

As Confederate monuments fall in the US, and Ontario school debate removing the name of Sir John A. Macdonald from elementary schools, I thought it would be a good time to talk about historical erasure. I have a special interest ... Read More »

My thoughts on #bit14

My thoughts on #bit14
November 12, 2014 Comments Off on My thoughts on #bit14

So last week, I was in Niagara Falls for the Bring IT Together conference, put on by the Education Computing Organisation of Ontario (ECOO) and the Ontario Association of School Business Officials (OASBO).  I had originally gone to the conference thinking it ... Read More »

A good word

A good word
May 20, 2011 2 Comments »

A teaching friend of mine sent around this letter recently.  It’s written in response to CBC Radio Morning Edition’s Scott Watson’s take on the May 5th walkout.  I don’t know the teacher who wrote it, but I think it bears ... Read More »

PAATA Convention 2011 Keynote

March 21, 2011 2 Comments »

So, last year, I posted a fairly scathing critique of the keynote speaker, Farley Flex, largely because as a non-educator, he didn’t have a ton to say to teachers.  Obviously, someone at the convention committee was listening, because this year, ... Read More »

Learning & the Brain pre-conference

February 16, 2011 Comments Off on Learning & the Brain pre-conference

So I’m here in sunny San Francisco at the Learning & The Brain conference titled “iGeneration: How the Digital Age is Altering Student Brains, Learning & Teaching.”  Heady stuff!  We started today with a pre-conference, divided between a morning session ... Read More »


December 31, 2010 Comments Off on Reflections

So, it’s the end of another year, and I haven’t posted in a while,so there are at least two reasons to have this post today.  This year has seen a lot of changes, not only in personal life, but professionally ... Read More »

SBG: An epiphany

SBG: An epiphany
July 4, 2010 6 Comments »

So I’ll be the first to admit that because of my wide variety of classes taught, my marking has been somewhat schizophrenic.  I don’t generally mark the same way in CPT as I do in History, French or Science, and ... Read More »

Process vs. product

May 17, 2010 1 Comment »

I’ve come to realise the underpinnings of a fundamental disagreement with the direction of education in my school and the province.  At heart, I’m a product-orientated person.  I don’t care how you do something as long as it gets done ... Read More »

PAATA Convention 2010 – My presentation

March 17, 2010 Comments Off on PAATA Convention 2010 – My presentation

Monday afternoon I gave a presentation on Personal Learning Networks.  I’m not sure I was at my best – not because my presentation was bad, but I’m not sure I managed to get across why I think PLNs are so ... Read More »

PAATA convention 2010 – Keynote

March 15, 2010 1 Comment »

Farley Flex, really?  Okay, I admire the things he’s done as a record producer, radio station manager and community activist, but we all know that the reason he’s in Prince Albert speaking to 1000 educators is that he’s a judge ... Read More »

Liberal beliefs held conservatively

September 15, 2009 6 Comments »

The middle of this last week was spent in Saskatoon at the UofR’s internship seminar.  The seminar itself was nothing to get excited about; fairly routine procedural stuff.  In the course of one of the discussions, however, an interesting debate ... Read More »


January 24, 2009 Comments Off on DIY PD

I’m no expert when it comes to educational technology.  I’ll be first in line to admit that.  However, I do have an interest in technology (evident to anyone who’s ever talked to me for more than 7.5 minutes), and that ... Read More »