The Year in Movies: 2018 Edition

The Year in Movies: 2018 Edition
January 2, 2018 Comments Off on The Year in Movies: 2018 Edition

2017 was an amazingly jam-packed movie watching year. I think on average, I probably saw about 2 new movies a month, which is maybe the most I’ve been to the theatre. 2018 is shaping up to be more of the ... Read More »

2017 Movie List

2017 Movie List
January 2, 2017 Comments Off on 2017 Movie List

For over a decade, I’ve been saying that the year ahead is going to be amazing for films, and this year is no exception. By my count, we have four Marvel movies, the ends of two huge female-led action franchises, ... Read More »

Tenth Annual Movie Preview Guide

Tenth Annual Movie Preview Guide
January 10, 2016 Comments Off on Tenth Annual Movie Preview Guide

It’s the 10th annual list of movies for the year! When I first started the list back in 2007, it was must-see theatre movies, but it’s morphed into films I’m interested in for various reasons, even if I’ll never get ... Read More »

Watch all the films!

Watch all the films!
January 4, 2015 2 Comments »

So here’s the 2015 version of my yearly list of movies I want to see. This year’s lineup is incredible, featuring some of the most anticipated movies in years. Either this year will be the year that reignites Hollywood (after ... Read More »


July 7, 2013 Comments Off on Morsels

I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties for other pursuits, but I thought I’d toss up some mini-reviews of movies I’ve seen this spring and books I’ve read for your edification and pleasure. Or something. Movies The Last Stand A rousing ... Read More »

Must watch 2013

Must watch 2013
January 6, 2013 Comments Off on Must watch 2013

It’s about the time for my annual list of movies to come out, and this looks to be a banner year for amazing blockbusters, with three Marvel movies (one made by Fox), a whole mass of other comic-book properties, sequels ... Read More »

Previews for 2011

January 12, 2011 1 Comment »

Following in the footsteps of my movie previews from 2008, 2009 and 2010, here are my picks to watch for 2011: January 14 – The Green Hornet – This one looks like fun, and as I’ve never seen the TV ... Read More »


January 10, 2011 Comments Off on Reviews

I had the chance to catch up on some missed movies over the last couple of weeks (yay Christmas break!), so I thought I’d share some brief impressions with you. It’s Complicated – Alright movie, but Alec Baldwin was a ... Read More »

Star Wars funnies

August 4, 2010 Comments Off on Star Wars funnies

I didn’t see these when they went up back in May, so I thought I’d share them here… hilarious! A New Hope: Empire Strikes Back: Return of the Jedi: Enjoy! Read More »

Movies to see in ‘010

January 31, 2010 2 Comments »

No fun Friday this week – unfortunately, I had this thing called “work” that took up too much of my time… bummer.  Bask instead in my choices for movies to see in 2010… Jan 8th – Leap Year – Yes, ... Read More »

Crazy Collaborative CPT

May 17, 2009 1 Comment »

So I had this idea, and I’m not sure if it’s crazy, or “so crazy it just might  work”.  Anyways.  I know a couple other teachers who will have sections of CPT (Communications Production Technology) in the fall, and we’d ... Read More »

Career day

May 12, 2009 Comments Off on Career day

May has long contained Career Day at our high school.  In the past, that meant having a number of local organisations come in to do hallway booth set ups that disinterested students would pass by without a second glance.  This ... Read More »