April 15, 2007 1 Comment »

Checked my stats logs for the month and saw this: Interesting&# Read More »

A vendre

April 4, 2007 3 Comments »

For sale: integrity, authenticity Asking price: continuing employment Willing to trade for: peace of mind Read More »

The high price of hip

April 2, 2007 2 Comments »

So I was watching “What Not To Wear” yesterday (I know, I know… lost control of the remote for a minute), and they were fixing up a stay-at-home mom. They spent the entire show saying things like “just because you ... Read More »

Time waster

March 22, 2007 Comments Off on Time waster

Have a go at this addicting flash game – lots of fun! Move the balls around until the lines don’t cross. I’ve made it to level 8. Unfortunately, you have to download it, it doesn’t come in a web-friendly .swf ... Read More »

May I say again…

March 21, 2007 Comments Off on May I say again…

… how much I love using the internet to do my taxes? I filed on March 3rd, got my refund on March 16th, and got my notice of assessment today. This all while they were having some highly-publicized computer issues&# Read More »

If I were in charge

February 26, 2007 6 Comments »

Movies I’ve seen in the past year, and the Oscars they should have won: The Da Vinci Code: Film most likely to convince people it’s based on a true story, even though it’s not Tristan + Isolde: Best film based ... Read More »


February 24, 2007 2 Comments »

Normally about now, I’d be sharing my Oscar picks for this year, bu this year, I can’t be bothered. It’s not just that I haven’t seen any of the “Best Picture” nominee films, or the leading actors in their films, ... Read More »


February 22, 2007 1 Comment »

Via Coyne comes this delightful Onion article: a how-to on protecting your young ones from the dangers of their imaginations Read More »

Oooo… Heroes!

February 21, 2007 Comments Off on Oooo… Heroes!

, you’re now logged in! Below you’ll find your test result. After, continue on to your homescreen to discover what we’re about. continue to OkCupid homescreen > Audrey Hanson You scored 45 Idealism, 37 Nonconformity, 50 Nerdiness Well, statistically speaking, ... Read More »

New Favourite FF Extension

February 20, 2007 Comments Off on New Favourite FF Extension

 One of the things I like best about FireFox is its extensibility.  Anything that you can conceive of a browser doing, FireFox can be made to do, through extensions.  I use a number of extensions, shall we say, extensively… I ... Read More »

Choice quote

February 19, 2007 Comments Off on Choice quote

I watched Garden State again last night. I’d forgotten how good it was. There’s a lot of language in it, but the dialogue feels authentic. Anyways, in the scene in the pool where Andrew and Sam are sitting in the ... Read More »

Media Production

February 8, 2007 Comments Off on Media Production

I’m giving a couple workshops next week on web page building and multi-media production at the PAGC inter-agency conference. In preparation, I’ve been going back over some of the presentations I’ve put together over the years. Some are good, some, ... Read More »