The Year in Movies: 2018 Edition

The Year in Movies: 2018 Edition
January 2, 2018 Comments Off on The Year in Movies: 2018 Edition

2017 was an amazingly jam-packed movie watching year. I think on average, I probably saw about 2 new movies a month, which is maybe the most I’ve been to the theatre. 2018 is shaping up to be more of the ... Read More »

On Historical Erasure

On Historical Erasure
September 2, 2017 Comments Off on On Historical Erasure

As Confederate monuments fall in the US, and Ontario school debate removing the name of Sir John A. Macdonald from elementary schools, I thought it would be a good time to talk about historical erasure. I have a special interest ... Read More »

Reviews galore

July 9, 2008 Comments Off on Reviews galore

In the past couple of months, I’ve had a chance to see and read a bunch of stuff, and since opinions are apparently a blog’s lifeblood, I thought I’d share my thoughts… Movies: In The Name of the King: 3/5 ... Read More »

Interesting video

July 5, 2008 Comments Off on Interesting video

So this guy was sponsored by Stride gum to take a trip around the world, and dance his little jig with people around the world. It’s a fascinating look at cross-cultural relations and socio-cultural… ah, who am I kidding – ... Read More »

The truth hurts?

June 15, 2008 Comments Off on The truth hurts?

This should be raising some eyebrows – it’s a concatenation of the research done on social attitudes of people with particular political leanings. The findings? People who are politically conservative are nicer, more generous, less envious, more charitable, and hug ... Read More »

Edupunk is knobbly

June 5, 2008 3 Comments »

Edupunk is a meme that’s been going around the edublogosphere the last couple of weeks. It seems like everyone’s written something on the subject, and I’ve been reading the pros and cons for a while. Yesterday, on a post at ... Read More »