Steyn on the revolution

July 14, 2003 Comments Off on Steyn on the revolution

Outstanding article. A must read, on the changes to western society in the last century, and what it likely to be ahead. He also adds some interesting (but not new) insights in to the effect on the health and future of churches in the English speaking world.

Language has been an important weapon in the gay movement’s very swift advance. In the old days, there was ”sodomy”: an act. In the late 19th century, the word ”homosexuality” was coined: a condition. A generation ago, the accepted term became ”gay”: an identity. Each formulation raises the stakes: One can object to and even criminalize an act; one is obligated to be sympathetic toward a condition; but once it’s a fully fledged 24/7 identity … anything less than wholehearted acceptance gets you marked down as a bigot.

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