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I had the chance to catch up on some missed movies over the last couple of weeks (yay Christmas break!), so I thought I’d share some brief impressions with you.

It’s Complicated – Alright movie, but Alec Baldwin was a gigantic douche, so I have no idea why Meryl Streep’s character would be interested in getting back together with him at all ever.  Other than that, it was pretty good, particularly the scene at the party where they’re all high…  2½ exes out of five.

Tangled – Loved this movie!  So much fun, and “Flynn Rider” seemed to have a lot of Zachary Levi’s Chuck in him, which was great.  The story may have been Disney-predictable, but it was still fun watching the inevitable unfold.  3½ braids out of five.

Harry Potter and the Incredibly Long Title: Part 1: Section 2: Paragraph 4 – This one was also good.  It hearkened back to the first couple of movies, where the film was more or less a direct translation of book-to-screen.  This was, I think, necessary for the amount of details in the 7th book, but it did mean the film dragged in a couple of places.  The action sequences were not filmed super-well (ex. the running chase through the forest), which makes me a little concerned for Part 2, which should be so filled with epic battles that you leave the theatre looking like the guy from the Maxell commercials. 3 wands out of 5.

Inception – The cinematography alone should put this movie on the scope for the awards season.  The story, however, was a little on the predicatable side.  As I tweeted after watching, it reminded me a lot of an unappreciated gem The Thirteenth Floor.  That hallway fight, though… that was something else!  Four levels of shared dreamspace out of 5.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – I guess this movie was good or whatever.  Actually, I didn’t really start enjoying it until the battles began and I could appreciate the video game inspiration for it.  There were some genuinely funny moments (vegan police? Awesome!), but on the whole this movie seemed like it was so busy trying to be cool and ironic that it forgot to be good.  Michael Cera’s wishy-washy protagonist made me want to punch him in the face whenever he wasn’t fighting an evil ex… Other than Juno, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed any of his work, so that might have had something to do with my feelings about the film.  2 boss battles out of 5.

Skyline – This movie was filled with horror-film clichés, people doing things for no logical reason (which I guess is its own horror-film cliché) and actually pretty good special effects.  Too bad the story was so terrible and the characters made me want to see them get their brains sucked out.  1½ alien invasion out of 5.

Knight and Day – I liked this one.  It was a pretty typical action-comedy/romance, but there was nothing really great, or really bad about it.  2½ CIA agents out of 5.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Nicholas Cage acting crazy with Hiccup Jay Baruchel narrating and Alfred Molina along for the ride in case Cage left any scenery unchewed?  It was great!  3½ animated broomsticks out of 5.

Grown Ups – This movie was like a grown-up version of Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore – a little crude, a little dopey, but capable of surprising sweetness at times.  Definitely a Sandler movie though, so if you enjoy his oeuvre, you should like this.  2½ rope swings out of 5.

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