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Following in the footsteps of my movie previews from 2008, 2009 and 2010, here are my picks to watch for 2011:

January 14 – The Green Hornet – This one looks like fun, and as I’ve never seen the TV show, I don’t have any Bruce Lee nostalgia holding me back.
January 21 – The Way Back – This one isn’t getting a wide release, but my respect for director Peter Weir (The Truman Show, Fearless, Dead Poets Society) means I’ll try to find it somehow.
January 28 – The Mechanic – Jason Statham mentors Ben Foster on how to be an assassin.  Looks full on crazy!

February 11 – The Eagle – I’m a sucker for Roman adventurism in Britain (King Arthur, The Last Legion), so this looks great!
February 18 – I Am Number Four – Teeny-bopper alien assassins?  Could be cool, if it lives up to the trailer.
February 18 – Unknown – I honestly have no idea what this movie is about. I just want to see it on the promise of more Neeson kicking ass à la Taken.
February 25 – Drive Angry – You couldn’t make the synopsis for this movie sound more ridiculous/awesome if you tried: Cage breaks out of hell to stop the cult that murdered his daughter from also killing her baby. Think about it…

March 4 – Rango – Honestly, the idea of Johnny Depp as a mo-cap chameleon is hilarious enough on its own, without tossing in the direction of Gore “Pirates of the Caribbean” Verbinski to sweeten the deal.
March 4 – The Adjustment Bureau – Adaptations of Philip K. Dick stories can be either hit (Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report) or miss (Screamers, Paycheck, Next).  Here’s hoping the Bourne Ultimatum co-writer can make it look as good as the trailer.
March 11 – Battle: Los Angeles – An alien invasion flick where the army actually gets to fight instead of some random schmuck saving the day?  Awesome!
March 18 – Limitless – Bradley Cooper stars in an action remake of “Flowers for Algernon”.  Could be really good or kinda terrible.
March 18 – Paul – Pegg/Frost return with Seth Rogen as a foul-mouthed alien hitchhiker.  This is not E.T.
March 25 – Sucker Punch – Zach Snyder’s follow-up to Watchmen looks awesome!

April 1 – Source Code – Duncan Jones follows critically-acclaimed Moon with Jake Gyllenhaal in a re-do of Déjà Vu? Could be okay.
April 8 – Your Highness – The red band trailer for this looks hilarious!
April 8 – Hanna – I have heard absolutely nothing about this movie, but the trailer looks fantastic!
April 29 – Fast Five – The Fast and the Furious series is a guilty pleasure of mine, and they’ve added Dwayne Johnson to the cast, so I’ll probably catch this one… on video.

May 6 – Thor – Superhero Summer officially kicks off with this Marvel offering, which looks pretty decent.  As an aside, is there any movie that Natalie Portman isn’t in this year?
May 13 – Priest – Paul Bettany is priest who hunts vampires… haven’t I seen this before?  I’ll probably try to see it anyway, since actiony vampire movies are another guilty pleasure of mine…
May 20 – Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Fountain of youth, Geoffrey Rush, Penelope Cruz, mermaids, zombies, Ian McShane… blah, blah.  We all know that the reason to go see this one is Johnny Depp as Sparrow.
May 27 – Kung Fu Panda 2 – DreamWorks continues their onslaught against Pixar. 2010 was very good for them with How to Train You Dragon and Shrek 4 (also Megamind, but that didn’t do as well), so I have high hopes for 2011.

June 3 – X-Men: First Class – Another pre-quel to the X-Men, but this one brings original director Bryan Singer back as producer, so it might not suck.
June 10 – Super8 – Apparently an homage to Spielberg (who produces) by super-director JJ Abrams, this could be very cool!
June 17 – Green Lantern – DC’s answer to Marvel’s Thor and Captain America, this could be the start of their new shared universe.
June 24 – Cars 2 – I don’t get the hatred for Cars – my kids loved it and I thought it was amusing. Anyway, here’s the sequel.
June 24 – Rise of the Apes – Another prequel, hopefully this one isn’t as confusing as the Burton remake from a couple of years back.

July 1 – Transformers: Dark of the Moon – You had to know they’d be capping off the trilogy, and hopefully this one’s even more ‘splodey than the last outing!
July 15 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 – I’m going to reread all seven books before going to see this one so I can whine and complain about everything they left out… or maybe just to enjoy how close it is…
July 22 – Captain America: The First Avenger – And now the groundwork laid by Iron Man and Incredible Hulk starts to come into play in Marvel’s shared universe. Chris Evans takes on his second Marvel superhero after previously playing the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies.  Add in Hugo Weaving as Red Skull and this becomes don’t miss territory.
July 29 – Cowboys & Aliens – With a title like that, how can you not go?  The stellar cast is just icing on the cake.

August 5 – The Smurfs – Just kidding!
August 5 – The Darkest Hour – American kids stuck in Russia during an alien invasion… could be alright.
August 19 – Conan The Barbarian – Jason Momoa (Ronon from Stargate: Atlantis) takes on the role that made Schwarzenegger famous.  Also, Hellboy’s in it.
August 19 – Spy Kids 4 – The third one was just dumb, so this will probably be a rental, but it still might be fun.

September 2 – Colombiana – The cast and crew (Luc Besson),  of this one make me want to see it, and seeing Zoe Saldana in another action role after The Losers could be fun.
September 16 – Drive – Done-before premise made interesting through the casting choices.
September 20 – Now – Very cool premise from a director I respect (Gattaca, S1m0ne).
September 23 – Journey 2: Mysterious Island – As long as this one keeps the humour from the first Journey to the Center of the Earth, it should be okay.

October 7 – Real Steel – While the plot sounds kinda so-so, but rumour has it that it will be more of a family film.
October 14 – The Three Musketeers – Paul W.S. Anderson returns his wife Milla Jovovich to front and center in this swashbuckling remake.
October 21 – Contagion – Looks like a more action-y Outbreak.

November 4 – Puss In Boots – The second of Dreamworks’ animated films this year, this is a prequel to the Shrek movies.
November 11 – Immortals – I’m guessing the success of Clash of the Titans is why this story of Theseus got green-lit, but the cast looks pretty good.
November 23 – The Muppets – I’m a sucker for Muppet movies, so I’ll probably try to catch this one.

December 16 – Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol – Possibly the dumbest title they could have picked, but I nevertheless have high hopes for this one, as it’s directed by Brad Bird and has some great cast members.
December 16 – Sherlock Holmes 2 – The first one was fun, so this should be good.
December 28 – The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn – I have fond memories of reading Tintin in French class, so this Spielberg-helmed film should be good.

There’s a couple other ones with no release date – Dark Crystal 2 comes to mind, along with National Treasure 3, Wanted 2, The Killer Elite and Upside Down, which just looks cool.

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