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May 20, 2011 Comments Off on Powerful message

We showed the following video to all of our students this week:

It’s a powerful message that needs to be seen by young people, particularly as we (in Canada) head into the first long weekend of the summer season.  Students are heading in droves to cabins at the lake, and with the forecast for the weekend looking sunshiny and warm (for the first time in about 5 years – yay!), it’s crucial that students are informed about the risks associated with sun overexposure.

What galls me is the comments the video has received on YouTube.  And yes, I know that complaining about negative comments on YouTube is about as useful as trying to piss out a forest fire, but some of these comments need responding to.  There are three that repeat ad nauseum:

This video is scaremongering.
No, it’s not. Telling people the world is going to end on Saturday (fr’instance) is scaremongering.  This video is informative, and while it does outline the risks of sun exposure, it also is very clear in telling viewers how to recognise the symptoms of melanoma and what to do if they think they’ve found one.

Humans evolved in the sun, so it shouldn’t be harmful.
Fair enough, but humans also spent the first 10,000 years of their evolutionary journey with a life expectancy around 30… want to go back to that?  And while Vitamin D reduces risk of other cancers (like colo-rectal cancers) and sun exposure gives vitamin D, it’s a numbers game. US incidence of cancers/100,000 people for melanomas vs colo-rectal cancers are 48 (1) vs 21.7 (2), however the reduction in risk for colo-rectal cancers associated with vitamin D absorption is not equal to the increase in risk associated with greater sun exposure.  As the video states, you double your chances of getting melanoma from one bad sunburn.

Cancer is just a scam to sell more drugs, and if you only knew the truth about how cannabis worked, you could cure your own.
Right, ’cause Bob Marley died from not smoking enough weed…

In the end, I just hope that people will take the time to share this video with someone you know who might be at risk of developing this disease.

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  2. http://seer.cancer.gov/statfacts/html/melan.html#incidence-mortality

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