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March 25, 2009 Comments Off on Movies to see

Better late than never, here’s my list of films I want to see this year – May looks to be made of pure awesome once more:

Feb 6th – Push – teens with prodigious mental powers causing mayhem in Hong Kong?  Yes, please!
Feb 6th – Coraline
Feb 13th – The International
Mar 6th – Watchmen – loved the graphic novel, want very badly to see this, even though I know it can’t improve on the source material
Mar 20th – Duplicity
Mar 27th – Monsters vs. Aliens – previews make this look awesome, plus Stephen Colbert as President – how can you go wrong?
Apr 17th – State of Play
Apr 17th – Crank 2 – the first one was so ridiculous, as long as this one stays the same, it’ll at least be fun to watch
May 1st – Wolverine – All over this one, and I can even convince Mandi to come watch with me!
May 1st – Battle for Terra – This one’s giving me Titan A.E. vibes, which is good!
May 8th – Star Trek – Remake?  Re-imagination?  Who cares, it’ll be awesome!
May 15th – Angels & Demons – The better of Dan Brown’s two Langdon novels, I hope this one is the better movie, too.
May 22nd – Terminator Salvation – The fourth movie in the franchise, this looks to rock!
May 22nd – Night at the Museum 2 – The first one was fun, this should be, too.
May 29th – Up – Pixar’s latest excuse to print money, if this is up to their usual quality, it will be great!
June 5th – Land of the Lost
June 26th – Transformers 2
July 17th – Harry Potter 6
Aug 7th – G.I. Joe – Preview looks pretty good.
Aug 14th – The Time Traveler’s Wife – Intriguing concept.
Aug 21st – Inglourious Basterds – Tarantino+WWII=mayhem, I’m guessing.
Sept 4th – Game – I’m curious to see if they will pull off this concept… cast isn’t too bad.
Sept 25th – Surrogates – Shades of Brin’s Kiln People
Sept 25th – Astro Boy
Oct 16th – Where the Wild Things Are
Nov 6th – The Wolf Man – Can werewolves be done properly onscreen?
Nov 13 – 2012 – Apocalyptic movie from the director of Independence Day?  Oh, yeah!

All in all, looks like a decent year for movies.  Sequels and the like make up a smaller percentage of films compared to last year, and there don’t appear to be any major superhero movies (other than Watchmen), so 2010 is lining up to be super-sequel summer.  For this year, we should be thankful there’s some original fare (on which to build new franchises).

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