December 18, 2007 Comments Off on Monoculture

The following letter was printed in today’s StarPhoenix:

Photo in poor taste

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Re: On the menu (SP, Dec. 11). This caption and the photo of the caged cat were incredibly morbid.

Do the editors of The StarPhoenix honestly believe this is something that anyone would want placed before them over their morning coffee?

Oh, that poor innocent, terrified little creature.

I find it very disturbing that you felt that this was appropriate content for a major Canadian daily. I wonder just how many parents were forced to explain this to their kids. The last time I checked, 12-year-olds could still read.

We are North Americans. These creatures are our companions, not our entrees.

Please exercise better judgment in the future.

Raymond Cooper


The photo in question:


Heaven forfend that we learn about another culture in a newspaper! Oh noes! Idiot.

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