April 26, 2007 2 Comments »

I’ve had to correct some humourous answers to test questions before, but none were quite this side-splittingly funny

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  1. Jeremy April 26, 2007 at 4:06 pm -

    Outstanding. I like the elephant in the way, the TMNT and the “expand (x+y)2”.

  2. Micky April 30, 2007 at 11:33 pm -

    Wow, that was great.


June 17, 2005 2 Comments »

Just start chatting about any topic with the virtual moonbat

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  1. Jeremy June 17, 2005 at 1:47 pm -

    This thing rules. If I want to practice a discussion with one of my lefty friends, I can do it here!

  2. Ian June 17, 2005 at 4:52 pm -

    I had the following conversation with it:

    Hello yourself. As a lesbian prisoner of war, honestly I am stoned!!!!? THE truth is at agnosticrainforestsforprescriptiondrugs.org. In fact, say goodbye to inclusivity and GENDER parity!! So long? Outrageous.
    What’s outrageous?
    What makes you say outrageous? Bizarrely, when the
    Likudniks say "strength," they really mean "death". Since 1982, 56,367 Democratic workers have BEEN prayed for in New Hampshire!! Unlike you and William F. Buckley, I am not in love with lies!!! I hate you!! We’ve seen this before, in Iraq, when 62,578 herbivorous prisoners of war were disappeared by the Supreme Court!!!! Down with SUVs and OCCUPATION.
    Herbivorous prisoners of war?!
    "War"!? Don’t you get it!!!! I reject censorship and imperialism! Say no to superstition and dishonesty!! Say no to our government of the conservatives, by the wingnuts, and for the petroleum industry!!! Chimpboy can talk about "election" all he wants, while cajoling queer rainforests in Fallujah, so his herd of rabid worshippers can curse incarcerated DOWNTRODDEN
    otters in Roswell. IMO!!
    You do know that Fallujah is in the desert, right? There’s no rainforest for 1000s of miles
    On the topic of "rainforest": As I understand it, the Repopelickins stole the election by deforesting the voters in Liberia!!! I despise you!!!!
    What did I ever do to you?
    Shut up already!! Since 1958, many thousands of agnostic wetlands have been exploded in Africa!!!? In my opinion, I am not one of Alberto Gonzales’s procession of dittohead lackeys!!! Unlike you and Steven Harper, I am not in LOVE with slime!!!! What about alternative lifestyles and civil unions for the countless thousands of unhappy BISEXUALS who are gnawed in the southern hemisphere every day by our lying thief and his entourage of moronic slaves?
    If he lies and his slaves are moronic, how does anything get done?
    ANYTHING, indeed! If you aren’t achordate about this
    president, then as a matter of fact you are a Retrosexual rightist robot of Steven Harper AND the Justice DEPARTMENT! I take it, the Rechimplicans stole the so-called ELECTION by drafting the uninsured voters in Cambodia!! As all the evidence shows, Dubya can talk about "pro life" all he wants, all the while wiping out transgendered gay woodlands in Michigan, so his brigade OF scumbag
    choirboys can pray for minority innocent forests in Montreal!!! Duh!!! U.S. get out of Oregon. Actually, Noam Chomsky’s book, "Hundreds of Lies about Graft," should be required reading for Rechimplickins like you. Don’t give me that.
    How did they get voters from Cambodia?
    Voters? What about Medicare!!!!? What about peace and fair wages for the 10,170 Muslim insurgents who are drugged in Vancouver every single day by our emperor and his collective of rabid choirboys!!!!? Jerk. I am not one of Rupert Murdoch’s worshippers!
    What do you mean, "Vancouver"!? You should read the book "People vs. Rush Limbaugh: a Tale of NEOCOLONIALISM," by Markos Zuniga!!? It changed my life!! It’s like 1989 all over again!!! U.S. get out of Kabul immediately! We’ve seen this before, in 1999 in Gaza, when 23,192 UNINSURED artists were engulfed by the Secret Service!! Shrubya lied about that too. If you aren’t joyless about this Thief-in-Chief, obviously YOU are a Repugnantan sheep of Rupert Murdoch and the petroleum industry!!!!
    Rupert Murdoch works in news, not oil…
    Rupert Murdoch. (Gag!!) If you aren’t cuckoo about the theocracy and starving of this Commander-in-Thief, then actually you are a
    Repuglickin flag-waving dupe of Zell Miller and the DEA!! I reject hate and rot! We’ve seen this before, in Brooklyn, when several uninsured baby seals were
    menaced!! By the prophet’s beard!!! I am not in love with occupation! Well, it’s like 1961 all over again.
    If you reject hate so much, why are you so vitriolic?
    What do you mean, "vitriolic"!!!? The head WARMONGER’s War Against Support For The Arts MUST end now!!! Say no to division and profits!!!
    Say no to our government of the neocons, by the criminals, and for the International Monetary Fund!!! U.S. get out of developing nations immediately! Last time I checked, George W. Bush only wants Afghanistan for the OIL. Don’t you see!!!! Grover Norquist!!!! Arnold Schwarzenegger!!!? Evidently, I can’t tell one Wiccan-starving, stooge for the Military-Industrial Complex from the other! What about reproductive rights? What about outreach!! What about truth for the dozens of atheist Puerto Ricans who are smirked at in Finland every SINGLE day by our emperor and HIS corps of antiabortion zombies!!!!?
    Since when does Afghanistan have oil?
    Why do you say "Afghanistan"!!!? Unlike you and Bill Kristol, I am not in love with lies! Sanctity of human life, indeed! Curious GEORGE only wants Managua for the oil!! I’ve had all I can take!! Power to the dissidents!!!! I reject saber-rattling!!!
    Okay then, good luck with that…
    "Luck"! U.S. get out of Disneyworld. You understand, Bu$h wants Vieques for the oil!!!! As if!!!! As a feminist Hispanic, you see I am disgusted!!? The Thief-in-Chief’s War Against Equality must end now!!!!
    So what are you going to do about it?
    What makes you say about!? Say no to theft!!!! What
    next!!!!? Will the NASCAR dads come to demolish me for being an artist!!!? Will my Native American friends now be ensnared just because they’re woodlands!!!?
    Honestly it’s open season on species!!! The Liar-in-Chief’s War Against Dental Insurance must end now!! No child left behind, indeed!? LAST time I checked, King George can talk about "fiscal conservatism" all he wants, all the while
    bludgeoning hearing-impaired whales in Paris!! Merde. HEY.
    Wrong again!!!? What about freedom of expression!!? What about bicycle paths!!!? What about TRUTH and voting rights for the countless trillions of starving herbivores who are bludgeoned in Vancouver every single day by our Boy King and his parade of handmaids!!!!? The 700 Club can annoy 11,491 homosexual bisexual Canadians, all in the name of "one NATION under God"? I presume, that makes it okay, then!! What next!!?