Funraminated Friday

June 11, 2010 1 Comment »

Foraminated (adj): perforated or pierced with small holes.  Funraminated (adj): shot through with comedy.  Here are this week’s links:


  • Language apps (1, 2, 3) – In this three-part post, Mrs. Jones, a second-language teacher from Britain, looks at iPod Touch applications useful for instruction and learning in another language.


  • Oil spill comparison – The Deepwater Horizon spill is the first things that springs to mind when people think of the Gulf, but it’s not the first spill that’s happened in those waters.  In 1979, a massive 10-month spill dumped over 3 million barrels of oil into the gulf.
  • Caught in the oil – The Big Picture has a short series on animals covered in oil from the BP spill.
  • 10 Coolest coasters – Photos and videos of the top ten roller coasters from around the world.
  • Not so smart – Common misconceptions debunked and explained.  Great reading!


  • Symbol logos – Designing a logo can be an arduous process, but occasionally a flash of brilliance allows a design to shine.  Here are 24 logos that include hidden symbols in them, in a show of design mastery.
  • Open Clipart – Copyright questions surrounding clipart educators take from the web are swept away by this site which offers free, copyright-free art for any use.


  • Confidentiality – A good read on why educators should be mindful of what they say, and to whom.  Mostly applicable in the US, but good advice for anyone who doesn’t want to add problems to their job.


  • Saying “no” – This column dissects why differences between two types of people cause social awkwardness when one requests something from the other.
  • Internet vices – Possibly NSFW look at which internet site compares to which mind-altering substance.  Pretty funny and more-or-less accurate.
  • Businessman’s lament – Disturbed artist Tetsuya Ishida portrays the dark side of everyday life in Japan with a series of unsettling images where man is but a part of a machine.
  • Micromobs – Secured chat room that might be good as a classroom backchannel.
  • Tax Freedom Day – Hilarious video pointing out the date of “tax freedom day” in Canada.

There you have it.  Have a great weekend and remember, June 12th is The Wicket World of Croquet Day!

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  1. Trent June 11, 2010 at 12:01 pm -

    The oil spill images are terrible. I am always sad when I see those images.