Funbricant Friday

March 5, 2010 Comments Off on Funbricant Friday

Febricant (adj): causing fever.  Funbricant (adj): feverishly fun.  Here we go!


  • Space & Numbers – Do your eyes glaze over when you hear astronomers talk about the hundreds of billions of stars in the galaxy, and the hundred of billions of galaxies in the universe?  Here’s a comparative article showing how many 100 billion really is.


  • Chilean earthquake (Part 1 & Part 2) – Two sets of photos showing the damage caused by the earthquake in Chile on February 27th.
  • Earthquakes – Interesting article comparing the Chilean earthquake response to the Haitian, and the reasons why they’re different.
  • Media scares – This Slate article enumerates scares about media, perpetrated through (and by) the media.
  • Afghanistan – The Big Picture’s monthly look at life and the situation in Afghanistan.


  • Video recaps – These clever and well-produced videos dissect various aspects of great literature in under a minute.  For example, check out the Fahrenheit 451 overview video – great stuff!

Phys. Ed.:

  • Running barefoot – A new study shows that running barefoot impacts the way a runner lands on their foot – barefoot runners land on the front and middle, and those wearing shoes tend to land on their heels.  Landing on your heel causes more stress on your legs.
  • Vancouver – TBP’s look at the second half of the Vancouver Games.


  • Multitrack – A new app for iPhone turns the device into a multitrack looping recording system, as demonstrated by this YouTube video.
  • Teacher training – Fascinating article on how to make great teachers, and why it’s important to do so.
  • Textbook case – A former textbook writer explains all that’s wrong with the process of compiling textbooks for the US market.

Have a great weekend and remember, March is National Frozen Food Month, so bring on the Delissio!

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