Friday Funtasticate

May 21, 2010 Comments Off on Friday Funtasticate

Fantasticate (v): to fantasize over something.  Funtasticate (v): to funtasize over something… here’s the links for the week:


  • Thailand – Two sets of TPB photos from Thailand (First, second) show the devastation that the recent protests have caused in Bangkok.
  • Lying kids do better – Because lying involves being able to hold two ideas in the head at the same time, kids who are able to do it consistently have better cognitive development.  Because all children are basically sociopaths…
  • Lying college student does poorly – A student who lied his way into Harvard wasn’t content with simply graduating – he applied for two prestigious scholarships, which caused his ruse to be discovered.


  • Print screen – DuPont has developed a new, faster way to make large-scale high-definition TVs: they print them.  Using a special printer, they can make a 50″ screen in less than 2 minutes, meaning the price could come down significantly.
  • Overfishing – A new UN study predicts that the world could be out of ocean fish by 2050 unless drastic measures are taken immediately to allow the stock to recover.
  • Atlantis launch – NASA’s final launch of Atlantis took place May 14th.  There are only two more scheduled shuttle launches before they are retired forever.


  • 140-yr-old equation solved – The Boltzmann Equation, a 140-year-old, 7-dimensional equation describing the location of gas molecules, has been solved using partial differential equations and harmonic analysis, mathematical techniques developed recently.

Language Arts:

  • Inappropriate children’s books – These wildly inappropriate takes on the old Golden Books use scenes from R-rated movies rendered in the familiar hand-drawn style to cause hilarity.


  • Changing education – Will Richardson argues in this opinion piece that what’s being called “education reform” is nothing of the sort.  Going back to the way things were 150 yrs ago is not reform.
  • Education kudzu – An emphasis on skill development to the detriment of content acquisition leads to a generation of students who have no appreciation for content.


  • Flickr CC – A visual search engine that only looks for Creative Commons-licensed photos on photo-sharing site Flickr.  Very useful!


  • New buses for London – After the iconic double-decker Routemaster buses were retired from service 5 years ago, UK design firm Capoco Design has revealed the design of their replacements.
  • Simpsons chalkboard – A zoomable art installation of all the quotes Bart Simpson has written on the classroom chalkboard at the beginning of the Simpsons episodes.
  • Fascinating – Mesmerizing video installation.  Is it art?  No, it’s an ad.
  • You’re awesome – Funny video – watch all the way through…

That’s it for this week!  Have a great long weekend and remember, May 25-31 is National Week of Solidarity With The People of Non-Self-Governing Territories.

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