Friday Funsenmeer

May 7, 2010 Comments Off on Friday Funsenmeer

Felsenmeer (n): flat arctic area covered with angular boulders.  Funsenmeer (n): flat computer screen covered with arch comedy.  Here are this week’s links!

  • Afghanistan – The Big Picture’s monthly look at the lives of combatants and civilians in Afghanistan.
  • The Morning Guy – Interesting (and humourous) look at the brain science behind the workday and productivity.
  • CIA’s target list grows – The CIA’s use of Predator drones to find and kill suspected terrorists has been significantly expanded, with new rules allowing for targeting of suspects whose names are unknown.
  • LOC film storage – Many early and historically significant films are only available on highly flammable and explosive nitrate-based film.  It’s the Library of Congress’s job to make sure they are preserved for future generations, but how?
  • Cellphones – Ever wonder exactly how cellphones make and take calls?  This helpful infographic (click to enlarge) explains how both analog and digital cellular networks function.  If you want even more information, this page explains all the terminology that cellphone companies toss around.
  • Tenn. flooding – TBP’s collection of shots of the devastation in Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi.
  • Hollywood sign – The iconic “Hollywood” sign is threatened because of the high value of land surrounding it.  A Danish architectural firm has come up with a way of preserving it while at the same time making money from the fantastic location.
  • WWII tricks – One of the most elaborate misinformation campaigns ever waged against the Axis is explained.
  • Avatar – James Cameron talks about how he came up with the world of Pandora, and what he plans to do in the sequel.
  • Time 100 – Time Magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world for 2010.
  • Must reads – Author Elana Johnson asked her blogging friends to list the one book they think everyone should read once.  It’s a pretty amazing list.
  • Finally, here’s the video of Darth Vader recording his voice for use on TomTom GPS devices:

So, there you go…  Have a good weekend and remember, May 10th is National Armed Forces Military-Amateur Crossband Communications Day!

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