Friday Funestella

October 23, 2009 Comments Off on Friday Funestella

fenestella (n) – recess in church wall for storing communion vessels.  funestella (n) – a hole in the internet for storing amusing links.


  • Safety song – Muppets going over chemistry lab rules?  Yes, please!  These puppets (& guest) show many of the basic safety rules of a chem lab in a novel way.
  • Boyle’s law – This Flash animation allows users to create a data table of volume/pressure for four different gasses.  Looks interesting.
  • Herd immunity failure – Interesting article by a mother of a child with leukemia about vaccination.  While most of us consider vaccination a choice, her son’s cancer means that he cannot be in proximity of unvaccinated children.  Fascinating viewpoint.
  • Cancer treatment shift – Interview with Canadian recording artist and cancer survivor Bif Naked about the changes in cancer treatments that allowed her to recover faster and with more strength than conventional treatments.


  • Queen Elizabeth – From Truman to Obama, 50+ years of photo ops between the Queen and the President.  I believe her hairstyle is pretty much the same in each shot.
  • Drugs – These images, taken of drug users and drug enforcement from around the world, are disturbing in their intensity.  The UN World Drug Report has just come out for 2009, and these photos are a visual representation of the issue affecting millions around the globe.
  • Iconic photos – This blog takes an iconic image from the past and explains the history surrounding the events pictured, as well as the people involved.  Great resources.
  • Conflicts – An animated timeline of conflicts through history.  Scroll backwards through 4000 years of human conflict, and see the spread of humanity bringing bigger and bigger wars.


  • Write online – With National Novel Writing Month coming up in November, there has never been a better time to put your ideas to paper and produce a novel.  This collection of tools will allow you to do most of the work online, from preliminary organisation through to publication, more and more of the steps involved are on the web.


  • Landscapes – The BBC has the winners of the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards in a stunning gallery on their site.
  • Insect lab – Artist Mike Libby takes real insects and adds gears, springs, levers and other mechanical parts to create steampunk-like models in miniature.
  • Upside-down house – An art installation in Germany asks the question of what a house would look like if down was up.  Not content with only building a house from the top down, all of the interior is also set up upside-down.
  • Jack ‘O Lanterns – This collection of 30 cleverly carved pumpkins is just the thing to grow your Hallowe’en spirit… get it?  Spirit?….
  • World Animal Day – Cuteness abounds in these 40+ shots of animals around the world, taken for World Animal Day on Oct 4th.


  • Upgrading to Windows 7 – Planning on upgrading to Microsoft’s latest and greatest?  This handy step-by-step guide will get you from XP to 7 in five easy steps.
  • Funny college course – Though I’m sure some of you have seen versions of this circulating the ‘net for years, this one still brings a smile to my face.  Classes in Harry Potter, extra-terrestrials, The Far Side, and underwater basket weaving are just some of the outrageous courses available at universities and colleges across the U.S.
  • Educational games – A collection of more than 30 educational games and resources in different subject areas, from math to geography.

Have a great weekend, and remember, if you’re a chemist, today is National Mole Day (10^23).

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