Friday Funery

May 14, 2010 Comments Off on Friday Funery

Foinery (n): fencing; swordplay.   Funery (n): wordplay.  Here are your links for this week:


  • Gulf oil woes – The Big Picture has a series of photos on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  As usual, they are excellent.
  • Red families vs. Blue families – Social consequences of the divide between the way red states and blue states approach starting families, and the values that are involved.
  • Charity and religion – New StatsCan figures show that Canadians who regularly attend religious services give, on average 3½ times more to charity than their non-religious neighbours.  They’re also more likely to volunteer their time, and spend more time volunteering.

Language arts:

  • This hilarious take on 80s era toy commercials features the Brontë sisters breaking down gender barriers for young girls everywhere:


  • Self-grading Google tests – With a pinch of technical know-how, you too can build tests in Google Docs that will correct themselves!
  • Fix this first – Great article on what needs to be reformed in schools first… hint: it’s not more tests.


  • Ditch Facebook – With the latest changes Facebook has made to its privacy policy, many people are thinking of quitting.  I’ve done it, plenty of others have too.  Here’s a couple reasons why: the changes Facebook has made make things far more public than in the past, and their privacy settings are intentionally obfuscated to make it difficult for you (or your friends on your behalf) to not share your information with advertisers.
  • Phone sheep – Artist Jean Luc Cornec evidently though that old rotary-dial phones resemble sheep heads, and created these sculptures to let the world see too.
  • Illusion – Even after seeing the reveal on this one, your eyes still trick your brain into thinking something else is going on:

That’s all for this week.  Have a great weekend, and remember next week is National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

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