I’ve written during the month of November for many successive years for National Novel Writing Month, and plan on doing so again this year.  While a dream of mine is to have a book published someday, none of the work I’ve done for NaNoWriMo is anywhere close to publishable, so I thought I’d inflict it on people here, where they wouldn’t have to spend their hard-earned money on it.

While most of the stories are simply a beginning in search of a middle and end, a couple actually get into what might charitably be considered a plot, and two come close to actually resembling a story.  I put them here with no promises that I will ever return to finish or even continue them. Four of the stories were intended to occur in the same universe, though in very different times and places – these are indicated below.

The “titles” that the stories have are not supposed to be the real ones (except possibly 2009’s), but placeholders until I could think of something better.

If I can remember, I will put a note as to where I was going with the story so that anyone unfortunate enough to read through to the endings (such as they are) might imagine that there was actually ever a plan to follow up on them.  Let the reader beware!

2005 – Alternate earths (7,643 words)
Someone is kidnapping people from all over the Earth, but who and why?  The future of the world may be at stake, but it is not our world…

2006 – Man in the moon (45,960 words) *QT universe
An experiment gone terribly wrong has dire consequences for a group of teenagers living on the moon.  Their new powers grant them abilities far beyond ordinary, but what are the consequences if they are not the only ones who seek these gifts?  (Now available as Crucible in book form)

2007 – A – Space pirates! (1,901 words) *QT universe
Jacob Tremblay was the captain of a ship in the wrong place at the wrong time…

2007 – B – Mercenaries and magicians (11,051 words) *QT universe
Almost 4,000 years in the future, humankind has diverged from “normal”.  What strange beings would people make themselves be, if they had the choice?  What abilities would they grant themselves, given the chance?  And who might seek to subvert and control all they’d gained, for themselves and to their own ends?

2007 – N – Allegory and the Bible (1,773 words)
A catastrophe overtakes the earth, and only a few are able to escape.  Will the society they build for themselves on their multi-generational ship be a just one, or will it grind up the weakest?  Someone must be the voice of the downtrodden.

2008 – Magical mystery (2,376 words)
Only a week to cross a continent to catch a boat to take him home, but on his first day out, Alex Landon has already run into more trouble than he’s prepared for.

2009 – The Gatekeeper: The Key (50,317) *QT universe
It all starts with a mysterious message left on a hacked computer, but Nolan Ainsling’s world is about to be shaken by more than mere pranks.

2010 – Earth After the End (52,171)
William is just trying to get back to his family.  Unfortunately, he has to cross an apocalypse-ravaged continent and an ocean to do it.  Gszbt has family problems of his own.  His Senator uncle pulled some strings to get him an officer’s commission on the invasion fleet orbiting the planet.  These two will be thrust into the center of a conflict between the remains of one civilization and the vanguard of another.

2011 – Soul Survivor (66,485)
In a world where magic can literally cost the user his soul, seventeen-year-old wizard William Foster sets out to find someone who can help him harness his unique talent. His journey takes him to places he never would have imagined, and teaches him about dangers he never could have foreseen.

2012 – Sentinel (51,490)
The city of Oberon employs Mark as a Traveller, a psychic transfer-of-consciousness spy.  Kelly lives a simple life hunting and farming.  The two are about to cross paths in a way that neither of them will ever forget.

2013 – The Guild (51,717)
Genna’s life as a bonded animal worker is about to be overturned when she is summoned to the palace to be told she has a rare gift.  Her training and experiences will lead her to see just how rare her gift really is.  Reader caution: this story is a little more mature than my usual writing. Some readers may be offended.

2014 – Soul Survivor [redux] (13,243)
My attempt to complete a novel I’d started already (in 2011) has been folded into the original’s entry.

2015 – Thief (51,085)
A young thief steals an object that is much more than it appears, and powers beyond her world will stop at nothing to recover it.

2016 – Empire Earth (15,568)
Lieutenant Colonel Jacqueline Tremblay is reactivated to a Marine unit out on the fringes of colonized space, where a new threat appears that might be an ancient enemy in disguise.

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