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January 21, 2004 1 Comment »

This school in Ontario is using tablet PCs to see if they can improve learning in grade 8. The classes are almost paperless, and each student is connected to the Internet. They are also going to start voice over IP. Very cool.

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  1. Ian H. January 22, 2004 at 8:38 am -

    I so want to do this… my dream classroom:
    – each desk equipped with a touch-sensitive thin-client TFT (where the computer is built into the screen)
    – input via projected keyboards, which would be out of the way otherwise
    – wireless networking via 802.11b/g
    – no chalkboard, just SmartBoards (interactive digital whiteboards)
    – software to “push” content to the student’s desktops

    I guess the only problem there would be power…