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On Historical Erasure

On Historical Erasure
September 2, 2017 Comments Off on On Historical Erasure

As Confederate monuments fall in the US, and Ontario school debate removing the name of Sir John A. Macdonald from elementary schools, I thought it would be a good time to talk about historical erasure. I have a special interest ... Read More »

Guns! Guns for everyone!

Guns! Guns for everyone!
October 2, 2015 3 Comments »

I’m no longer surprised by the usual suspects crawling out of the woodwork in the wake of a mass shooting, wanting to add more guns to the mix instead of taking away the ones that are causing the problem. I ... Read More »

Blame the victim

Blame the victim
December 13, 2013 Comments Off on Blame the victim

I appreciate the fact that our society is now having a good talk about the language used in rapes, whether it was “she was asking for it,” or “she shouldn’t have drunk so much.”  It’s a good conversation to have ... Read More »

California Supreme Court rules in favour of Prop 8

May 26, 2009 Comments Off on California Supreme Court rules in favour of Prop 8

It’s not like they had a choice – their ruling was limited to whether Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage, constituted an amendment or a revision to the state’s constitution.  If it was a revision, it would require more legislative ... Read More »

Ridiculous ruling

April 8, 2009 Comments Off on Ridiculous ruling

A Quebec dad has now been slapped down twice by courts in that province for attempting to impose some discipline on his daughter.  In the first instance, his 12-yr-old daughter sued him (!) for grounding her from a Grade 6 ... Read More »

Human Rights strike again

February 26, 2009 2 Comments »

I’m not sure the article can be explained any simpler than this: Preop transsexual files grievance over request to join women-only gym; owner says he was still thinking about it. Two key quotes: Afroze Edwards, a spokeswoman for the Ontario ... Read More »

Canadian coup d’état

December 4, 2008 3 Comments »

So obviously, the big news in politics this week is the possibility that the government of Canada might be defeated on a confidence motion, possibly ushering in the first coalition government in over 90 years.  The fact that 114 Liberal ... Read More »


November 27, 2008 Comments Off on Cowardice

Cam shows once again why he’s master of the editorial cartoon: The post he wrote with the drawing is very good, too Read More »

There’s gotta be a better way

November 5, 2008 1 Comment »

So, we know Canada’s FPTP system is messed up – parties end up in charge based on a plurality, lacking even a simple majority.  This evening, it seemed to me that the American system is not an improvement.  Even with ... Read More »

Something happening today…

November 4, 2008 Comments Off on Something happening today…

I can’t quite recall what it is Read More »

Moon race

October 23, 2008 Comments Off on Moon race

First question: did anyone else not know that India had a space program, let alone one capable of launching an orbiter to the moon? Second question: is it just another example of outsourced work being less expensive when the NASA ... Read More »

Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing…

October 18, 2008 Comments Off on Full of sound and fury, signifying nothing…

Apologies for the title… I came across this article on the miserable failure of airport security to, in fact, secure anything…  The setup is so poorly thought-out and hole-ridden as to be virtually useless.  As the author of the article ... Read More »