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August 2, 2007 3 Comments »

So, I got all my boxes the other day in the mail (well, except the KVM, but I don’t need that to build the computer), and I decided to take some photos while I put the thing together (click the pics to make them bigger):

PC Build 001 (Medium).jpg
This is all the parts in their shipping boxes… exciting, when they come in the mail!

PC Build 002 (Medium).jpgPC Build 003 (Medium).jpgPC Build 004 (Medium).jpgPC Build 005 (Medium).jpgPC Build 006 (Medium).jpgPC Build 007 (Medium).jpgPC Build 008 (Medium).jpgPC Build 009 (Medium).jpg

These are all the parts in their shiny boxes… L-R: Antec Sonata case, Seagate 500GB SATAII hard drive, HIS Radeon HD2600xt video card, LG DL Lightscribe SATA DVD burner, Intel Core 2 Quad processor, free game (came with the CPU), OCZ Ram and the XFX motherboard.


So, the first thing to do was unbox the case:
PC Build 010 (Medium).jpg
Yes, it really is that shiny. And yes, it show fingerprints quite well…


The case is tool-less to open, two optional thumbscrews and a nifty little handle. You can see that the power supply is already installed with a whole whack of connection options:
PC Build 011 (Medium).jpg


Next thing is the mobo… it came with a backplate, data cables and a couple of extra goodies:
PC Build 012 (Medium).jpg


It fit nicely into the case and screwed in quite easily to the standoffs:
PC Build 013 (Medium).jpg


Next up is the CPU. Big, fat heatsink with this proc. Apparently, those three grey strips are the thermal paste.
PC Build 014 (Medium).jpg


The pushpin closest to the power supply game me a little trouble, but it was a fairly simple install – the ZIF sockets really make it easy. The fan is plugged into the header on the motherboard.
PC Build 015 (Medium).jpg


Next was the RAM. Since it is dual channel, I had to check the motherboard manual for the right configuration. It seems to be 1GB | 512MB || 1GB | 512 MB. It all showed up in the system, so I assume I did it right…
PC Build 016 (Medium).jpg


After that was the video card, the very-brand-new HD2600xt… only available since the middle of July. And yes, I’m aware that I’m using an ATI Crossfire capable card in an nVidia SLI motherboard, but since I’m never going to use SLI or CF, I figured the price difference was worth it.
PC Build 017 (Medium).jpg
The video card is huge (length-wise)- I had to move some SATA cables so it would fit, but it does have a single-slot cooling solution, so that’s a bonus.


Finally, the drives. The case is set up so the hard drives are mounted sideways, which means you can route the cabling through the back, instead of having it all out front… and I realise the irony of saying that when I still have power cables going every which way… The optical drives are mounted on rails that make them easy to install and remove – just screw the rails on, and slide the drive in. So here’s a shot with everything installed, including extra USB and Firewire ports in the back…
PC Build 019 (Medium).jpg


And everything is up and running fine… opening programs and whatnot is a lot faster, what with the RAM increase, but I’m hoping the real improvements will be noticeable when I install Adobe CS3 and start futzing around with video editing and Flash animation.
PC Build 020.jpg

Bonus: Just because I’m so badass, I slipstreamed SP2 onto a non-SP XP Home upgrade CD so that all of my 500GB would be recognised (48-bit LBA)… go me!

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  1. Jeremy August 2, 2007 at 4:03 pm -

    You are SUCH a geek. Wink

  2. Julie August 2, 2007 at 5:55 pm -

    I was thinking the same thing as Jeremy. However, I am quite impressed with the level of motivation and research required to put together your own computer, but not enough to attempt the same feat.

  3. Micky August 2, 2007 at 6:51 pm -

    I didn’t read all of this, but that case sure is shiny. Sweet.