Friday double funstack

November 20, 2009 Comments Off

No school last Friday means a double scoopful of links for you this week!  Let’s get started! Science: Bird Book – This amazing Flash-based site showcases the work of nature photographer Andrew Zuckerman.  These high-speed photographs present the birds without ... Read More »

Links roundup

September 14, 2009 Comments Off

Science: DNATube – Science videos online.  Organised into channels, from structural biology to neuroscience, with contributions from MIT and other scientific institutions.  Very cool! Science is Real – They Might Be Giants takes on public misperceptions about science and the ... Read More »

Link roundup

September 7, 2009 Comments Off

I started doing these again for the fine folks at school, so I thought I’d post them here, too: Social Studies: Trial By Fire – The state of Texas, in 2004, may have put an innocent man to death for ... Read More »

The *United* States? I don’t think so

November 5, 2008 7 Comments »

While both Obama’s speech and McCain’s concession talked about the need to come together to heal the divide, I can’t help but think that American politics are more polarized today than ever before.  A comments thread on one of the ... Read More »

Two pieces of video hilarity

October 29, 2008 Comments Off

1.  You thought the debates were repetitive?  You were right. 2.  This is how elections should be decided&# Read More »

Bits and bites

October 28, 2008 Comments Off

Much like the teensy morsel-sized packs of snacky goodness served on my flights back and forth to Ontario this past weekend, I have small nibbles of bloggy sagacity to share with you today.  In no particular order: - Kottke has ... Read More »

Promo video

March 1, 2008 6 Comments »

So one of the projects that’s been taking up my time over the last little while is the creation of a promotional video for my school. We’re looking for something that’s a little more glamourous than a PowerPoint to get ... Read More »

Pick me! Pick me!

February 24, 2008 1 Comment »

It’s that time of the year again, and I have seen only a paltry few of the movies vying for Oscar‘s attention. The ones I’ve seen: Gone Baby Gone (Supporting actress) Ratatouille (Animated feature, Original score, Sound editing, Sound mixing, ... Read More »

Showcase 2008 – Session 4

February 22, 2008 1 Comment »

Dean Shareski: Are You Published – TCU Place Salon E1 I got the pleasure of attending fellow SaskBlogger Dean Shareski’s session on new media publishing this afternoon.  Dean’s posts over at Ideas & Thoughts from an Edtech often make me rethink my use ... Read More »

No respect

December 8, 2007 Comments Off

The Sask. Party can’t catch a break.  The media this week has been proclaiming loud and wide that Wall et al are oathbreakers.  The reason?  The outgoing NDP had said that there was $2Bn in expected surpluses, but the new ... Read More »