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Reducing dependance on foreign oil

April 17, 2003 Comments Off on Reducing dependance on foreign oil

An article in Discover describes a process called thermal depolymerization (TDP), which is basically a manufacturing process designed to imitate nature’s way of making oil&# Read More »

April 16, 2003 Comments Off on

Some really good stuff here, woth checking out. Like this one: Newsweek?s ?Arrogant Blunder? ?Steadfast, but his war cluelessly flings open the gates of hell, making any sort of victory Pyrrhic.? ? Newsweek?s April 7 ?Conventional Wisdom? column, explaining why ... Read More »

More good Australia stuff

April 15, 2003 1 Comment »

Australian PM John Howard has called for France to step down from the UN Security Council’s permanent membership, saying France “distorts” the Council. Alright! I like this guy! Read More »

Going up?

April 15, 2003 Comments Off on Going up?

No news story, but I heard on the radio that the Bank of Canada may raise their interest rate, while the Fed in the US is considering lowering theirs. For some reason, the Candian economy is doing better than the ... Read More »

Australiam PM gets invited to W’s Ranch

April 15, 2003 Comments Off on Australiam PM gets invited to W’s Ranch

How bad does this look? This is like a huge slap in the face to Chretien and the Liberals. Hopefully when we get a new PM we can wipe the slate clean Read More »

Quebec election

April 14, 2003 3 Comments »

Did anyone else know Quebec was having an election? Maybe I am more out of it than I thought. Anyway, it looks like the liberals won, which is good news. The seperatists only got 33 % of the vote. The ... Read More »

Probably no war in Syria

April 14, 2003 Comments Off on Probably no war in Syria

It is unlikely there will be a war in Syria, according to this article. The White House has privately ruled out suggestions that the US should go to war against Syria following its military success in Iraq, and has blocked ... Read More »

Optimism on strength of world economy

April 14, 2003 Comments Off on Optimism on strength of world economy

The overthrow of Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s president, and the fall in oil prices should remove a large risk to the health of the world economy, according to the meeting of central bankers and finance ministers in Washington over the weekend…The ... Read More »

Victor Davis Hanson Article

April 13, 2003 1 Comment »

Outstanding Victor Davis Hanson article. Thus it is nearly impossible to recall a similar advance that has traveled so far, so fast, with so few losses, without major shortages of fuel, ammunition, and food ? and without being parasitic on ... Read More »

Mike Weir Wins

April 13, 2003 Comments Off on Mike Weir Wins

Today for the first time ever a Canadian, Mike Weir, won a golf major. This is a great accomplishment. For those of you who don’t care about golf, then too bad since you missed a very exciting finish and tremendous ... Read More »

W not coming

April 12, 2003 1 Comment »

Looks like the president is not coming. That seems about right, considering how Chretien is behaving. Just yesterday he stuck is finger in the collective American eye when he said: “We believe in a world that is multilateral and the ... Read More »

Stories CNN couldn’t tell

April 11, 2003 2 Comments »

Some disturbing and scary stuff that CNN didn’t report for fear that it would lead to reprisals. I bet this is only a fraction of what will come out in years to come Read More »