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Daily links 11/24/2011

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» The No New Gifts Holiday Challenge :zenhabits A great post about dumping the holiday rush to create new traditions about time with family and eschewing consumerism in favour of homemade or thrift-store giving. tags: gifts holiday challenge shopping consumerism ... Read More »

Bluetooth: The saga continues

Bluetooth: The saga continues
November 22, 2011 1 Comment »

I love the promise of Bluetooth: on the one side, wirelessly transmitted information that flows from device to device without impediment.  On the other, wireless controls for hidden devices.  Some Bluetooth products have fulfilled this promise better than others.  The ... Read More »

Daily links 11/09/2011

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Mirage – The Full Experience – YouTube Surfers captured with still cameras in a bullet-time-like look. tags: surf video youtube bullet time technology surfer #Mencallmethings: Twitter Trend Highlights Sexist Abuse Online | NewsFeed | Women writers are stepping forward ... Read More »

Daily links 11/08/2011

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How Woot Works: Printing Our Shirts – YouTube I think the snark actually adds to this explanation of how shirts get printed at Woot. tags: youtube video humour silkscreen printing t-shirt tshirt woot how-to Posted from Diigo. The rest of ... Read More »

And we’re off!

November 2, 2011 1 Comment »

November is always an exciting time of year around the Hecht household… it’s National Novel Writing Month, and that means noses buried in computers (more so than usual) and plot bunnies and character outlines running rampant.  This year, I’ve taken ... Read More »