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Daily links 09/30/2011

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Greg Lukianoff: Censoring Joss Whedon’s Firefly and the Chancellor Who Cried Wolf University officials take draconian steps against a prof who posted a Firefly quote on his office door. tags: firefly chancellor university censorship poster wisconsin Posted from Diigo. The ... Read More »

Daily links 09/29/2011

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iW Exclusive: “Being Elmo” Trailer – YouTube Trailer for a doc on the life of the puppeteer who performs Elmo on Sesame Street tags: trailer preview video youtube elmo sesame street puppet Lisa Nielsen: 15 Things Students Want the Nation ... Read More »

Daily links 09/27/2011

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Saffron could displace opium poppies as Afghans’ cash crop of choice – The Globe and Mail Afghanistan’s farmers are looking to the spice saffron as an alternative to opium poppies for money. tags: opium cash cash crop crop afghanistan agriculture ... Read More »

Daily links 09/26/2011

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PUMPED UP KICKS|DUBSTEP – YouTube Crazy cool street dance video. tags: video youtube dance Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here Read More »

Daily links 09/21/2011

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‘Hell on earth’: Detailed satellite photos show death camps North Korea still deny even exist Startling new satellite photos of concentration/death camps that the North Korean regime uses against its own people. tags: war politics news map satellite photos Posted ... Read More »

STF Information session thoughts

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Much of the information presented at the information session is confidential, so I won’t be getting into details (teachers who want details should visit the “For Members” section of the STF website – the general public can just wait for ... Read More »

Daily links 09/07/2011

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Move Your Camera Cheap DIY-able slider for shooting video using almost anything as a track. Instructional video on how to assemble your own from rollerblade wheels and other cheap materials. tags: camera diy slider dolly video video production cinemover See-Through ... Read More »

Daily links 09/06/2011

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No Child Left Behind: A conspiracy against public education that too few called out | Get Schooled Raw and emotional take on the disaster that NCLB has been for American public schools. tags: NCLB education conspiracy U.S. op-ed Posted from ... Read More »

Daily links 09/05/2011

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Cyber Sin: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY!!! – YouTube Powerful but understated video on the potential effects of cyber-bullying on teens. tags: youtube video bullying cyberbullying advocacy film Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here Read More »

Daily links 09/02/2011

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Bilingual babies’ vocabulary linked to early brain differentiation No surprise to read that early exposure to two languages (and by early, we’re talking 8-10 months old) has beneficial effects on brain development. tags: brain science neurology biology languages language bilingualism ... Read More »