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Post #2000

May 27, 2009 Comments Off on Post #2000

Thought you ought to know… the blog’s anniversary is coming up mid-June, but we pass another landmark today – 2,000 posts!  Yay us!  Also, we have passed the 2,000 comment mark (we actually would have crossed a long while back ... Read More »

California Supreme Court rules in favour of Prop 8

May 26, 2009 Comments Off on California Supreme Court rules in favour of Prop 8

It’s not like they had a choice – their ruling was limited to whether Proposition 8, which bans gay marriage, constituted an amendment or a revision to the state’s constitution.  If it was a revision, it would require more legislative ... Read More »

Eight point nine inches

May 21, 2009 Comments Off on Eight point nine inches

No, that’s not a come-on for a new “enhancement product,” it’s the biggest difference between my new netbook and my previous one.  The screen on my new Asus EeePC 900HA is 8.9″ corner to corner vs. my old 701‘s seven ... Read More »

Crazy Collaborative CPT

May 17, 2009 1 Comment »

So I had this idea, and I’m not sure if it’s crazy, or “so crazy it just might  work”.  Anyways.  I know a couple other teachers who will have sections of CPT (Communications Production Technology) in the fall, and we’d ... Read More »

Book review: Terra Insegura by Edward Willett

May 13, 2009 1 Comment »

Terra Insegura is Edward Willett’s sequel to Marseguro, the novel which introduced us to Richard Hansen and Emily Wood, protagonists of this story.  As a sequel, the book definitely jumps into the middle of the action – while Willett does ... Read More »

BC Election

May 12, 2009 Comments Off on BC Election

CBC says the liberals have won in BC again.  That’s good news, I’m surprised they could win a third straight in this environment Read More »

Career day

May 12, 2009 Comments Off on Career day

May has long contained Career Day at our high school.  In the past, that meant having a number of local organisations come in to do hallway booth set ups that disinterested students would pass by without a second glance.  This ... Read More »

Hobbies, and why mine’s the best…

May 9, 2009 Comments Off on Hobbies, and why mine’s the best…

Mandi and I had a good laugh recently on the subject of hobbies – she’s recently taken up running, and not in an “I occasionally break into a jog while I walk the dog” running, but in an “I’ve spent ... Read More »

Weekend links digest

May 8, 2009 Comments Off on Weekend links digest

So originally,  I stopped posting my Diigo links because it was the only thing going up here, but now the blog’s looking pretty bare.  I already send out a weekly e-mail to the techers in my building with the best ... Read More »