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McCain’s Veep choice

August 30, 2008 4 Comments »

So John McCain surprises everyone by choosing the Alaska governor as his running mate.  The G&M has good coverage of the decision and of Palin here and here. I’m not convinced this is the desperate move that everyone else seems ... Read More »

Assignment thoughts

August 29, 2008 3 Comments »

So, one of the assignments I have at the beginning of my Communications Production Technology class is to ask the students to imagine a world with no higher tech communications (no internet, phones, TV, GPS, etc.).  Many students confuse the ... Read More »


August 29, 2008 Comments Off on Interesting…

D’arcy Norman ran Obama’s speech through Wordle, a tool for building tag clouds based on the frequency of word usage.  The resulting image is a snapshot of the speech, pointing to what Obama spent the majority of his time talking ... Read More »

Great idea!

August 29, 2008 Comments Off on Great idea!

Mark Pullen over at The Elementary Educator has pulled together a Student Bill of Rights that he says is in response to many teachers’ beginning of the year laying-down-of-the-law.  It’s a great idea that has some excellent social studies tie-ins: ... Read More »


August 27, 2008 1 Comment »

It’s more than somewhat ridiculous that the very tools that students will require proficiency in after they’re finished school are the ones blocked most frequently by school filtering software Read More »

First day back

August 26, 2008 Comments Off on First day back

Today was longer than I remember school days being.  I’m tired, of all things…  I think everything started well, for all that: all my classes know who I am, know where to meet and know what we’re covering for the ... Read More »

Tat two

August 26, 2008 Comments Off on Tat two

So this isn’t exactly news, but for those who haven’t seen yet, these are Mandi & my new tattoos.  Mandi’s is on the left and mine is on the right. This time around, the appointment was reversed, with Mandi’s taking ... Read More »


August 16, 2008 3 Comments »

Okay, so last week we were in Calgary, and of course, I took along the camera.  Well, as we were leaving the Tyrell Museum in Drumheller, on the last day of the trip, I accidentally left the camera on top ... Read More »