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Slight upgrade

May 31, 2008 Comments Off on Slight upgrade

Justin Tadlock updated Structure, the theme for this site, to a newer, leaner version. I’ve just finished testing and tweaking the upgrade on my development site and decided to roll it out on the live version. There’s a couple of ... Read More »


May 29, 2008 Comments Off on QOTD

One of my students to me today in History class, while discussing the Cold War: Communist parties would be awesome – everyone would have the same amount of fun! I guess they’re learning something&# Read More »

The non implosion

May 29, 2008 2 Comments »

The idea of giving parents more choice in their children’s education has indeed been debated here at great length. Ian and I fundamentally differ on the role of the state – I think parents should have the right to send ... Read More »

Voucher implosion

May 22, 2008 2 Comments »

Here’s a story that’s sure to warm Jeremy’s heart: vouchers don’t work. Proponents of school choice (on this blog and elsewhere) have held up vouchers as the be-all and end-all of public schools’ problems. They would let all those poor, ... Read More »

Class trip

May 22, 2008 Comments Off on Class trip

I took yesterday off work to accompany Caleb’s preschool class on their class trip to Country Fun Farm. Caleb enjoyed himself with his friends, but Grace was enraptured by the animals. Part of the day featured getting to pet and ... Read More »

OLPC v2 looks awesome!

May 22, 2008 Comments Off on OLPC v2 looks awesome!

OLPC version 2 (or XOXO as they’re planning on calling it) looks amazing – it has dual form/function as a laptop and e-book reader.  I don’t know about the feel of typing on a screen with no tactile feedback (no ... Read More »

Feed reader & consequences thereof

May 15, 2008 Comments Off on Feed reader & consequences thereof

Until recently, I’d resisted the urge to aggregate the feeds of all my favourite sites into one spectacular page of posts, but I’ve added a few new sites to check regularly which means opening them all in tabs a couple ... Read More »

Very true

May 12, 2008 Comments Off on Very true

I thought that syndicated cartoonists had to produce their material a long time ahead of its publish date, but this Non-Sequitur cartoon is very topical Read More »

Product review: Logitech Freepulse Bluetooth headphones

May 6, 2008 3 Comments »

I’ve had these headphones for about a month now, so I thought I’d toss up a quick review. In a word: great! These headphones are the extremely improved version of their disastrous iPod Wireless Headset (everyone I’ve ever heard of ... Read More »

Black and forth

May 6, 2008 Comments Off on Black and forth

So apparently, there are a group of feminists who are ticked off with other feminists telling them they should vote for Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman.  My question: are there black voters who feel the same about Barack Obama?  ... Read More »