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Shock: public servants make more

July 31, 2007 Comments Off on Shock: public servants make more

In a stunning discovery Canada’s public servants earn an average salary far higher than those in the private sector, while the core public service workforce has swelled to its largest size in a decade, according to a new report. … ... Read More »

Kids’ fun on the cheap

July 31, 2007 Comments Off on Kids’ fun on the cheap

Lifehacker has an amazing list of things you can do to keep your kids from getting bored for a buck: Sick of paying hundreds of dollars for toys your kids don’t play with? Tired of the latest toy catching your ... Read More »

Brown noser

July 31, 2007 Comments Off on Brown noser

Cam comes back from holidays (I’m assuming) with this hilarious take on the new Brit Read More »


July 30, 2007 2 Comments »

Received all my bits and pieces, now I just have to put them together. Some changes from the shopping list, but soon I’ll be posting on a brand-spankin’ new Quad core. Final specs: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz – ... Read More »


July 23, 2007 4 Comments »

So I finished the seventh book at about 4:00am Sunday morning. All I can say without spoiling things tons is that it was a fitting conclusion to the series – you can see that Rowling planned everything out from the ... Read More »

Great Headline

July 17, 2007 2 Comments »

Rugby player had tooth embedded in forehead Read More »

Shopping list

July 13, 2007 3 Comments »

Well, I’ve been drawn in by the attractiveness of the Quad core Core 2, so I’m now aiming to build a system around it. Here’s my shopping list so far… can anyone tell if I’ve missed something really obvious? Intel ... Read More »

Numbers game

July 8, 2007 4 Comments »

So, if any of you have been following the site stats (I know, can’t keep your eyes off them), you may have noticed that in the past couple of months, we’ve jumped more than a few thousand in our hit ... Read More »

Summer boredom? Good!

July 8, 2007 Comments Off on Summer boredom? Good!

Wired’s Geekdad blog makes a compelling case for boredom this summer… ponder away! Read More »

Unique treat

July 6, 2007 2 Comments »

Interested in trying something new this summer? How about carbonated fruit? Yep – all you need is a polycarbonate water bottle, some dry ice, and of course, some fruit. The instructions page includes a video and step-by-step instructions on how ... Read More »

Choices, choices

July 4, 2007 7 Comments »

Well, it’s that time again… the time where I realise my knowledge has lapsed so much as to be more or less useless… yep, it’s time to buy a new computer. My present computer has been serving well for nearly ... Read More »