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Good grief

May 31, 2007 Comments Off on Good grief

Manitoba chiefs want cellphone revenue At a recent economic development summit, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs resolved to negotiate revenue sharing with MTS for transmissions signals that cross the land, water and air space of their reserves and traditional territories. ... Read More »


May 30, 2007 Comments Off on Surface

Microsoft’s newest interface technology looks cool… and not just a little cool, full-on sell-your-firstborn-to-get-it cool. Surface is a multi-touch, multi-user interface built into a tabletop. And it’s more than just gestural mousing. From the video demos, the interface evidently interacts ... Read More »

Must (have) see(n) TV

May 29, 2007 Comments Off on Must (have) see(n) TV

So a while ago I got to watching Firefly, leading up to a viewing of the recommended film Serenity. The writing was fantastic, so I decided that I wanted to see more of what the creator, Joss Whedon had done. ... Read More »

How to turn people off Christianity, part 6165

May 28, 2007 1 Comment »

Build a museum extolling the virtues of the Young Earth movement, while deriding science&# Read More »

I bent my wookie

May 28, 2007 1 Comment »

These are possibly the coolest dioramas ever made…           More photos after the jump&# Read More »

Snap election for Qu?bec?

May 25, 2007 2 Comments »

Could Quebec be headed back to the polls for the second time in just over two months? If the PQ pulls the trigger on the budget, they will… the ADQ has already said they will not support the minority Liberals’ ... Read More »

Cheap wall-sized posters

May 24, 2007 Comments Off on Cheap wall-sized posters

Despite the puerile humour of its name, The Rasterbator looks like kind of a cool tool. What it does is blow up an image, any image, to gargantuan proportions, and convert it to a PDF file to ensure proper printing ... Read More »

Education choice

May 23, 2007 2 Comments »

Since education is such a frequent topic here, and since I love to get Ian all rialed up, and because HE IS SO WRONG on school choice, I offer this article from The Economist: FEW ideas in education are more ... Read More »

Happy long weekend everyone!

May 21, 2007 3 Comments »

It snowed here Read More »

Why students cheat

May 17, 2007 3 Comments »

Recently, I’ve had several people tell me that the fact that students cheat on a particular assignment of mine suggests that the assignment is too much work for them. I call bull. If that were true, then you’d expect to ... Read More »


May 17, 2007 Comments Off on Hilarious!

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Wired Roundup

May 16, 2007 Comments Off on Wired Roundup

I’ve been reading a lot of Wired lately, so instead of doing a separate post for each item, I’m piling them all into one gargantuan Wired-fest: The consequences for the spectrum auction coming up could be vast. The proposed new ... Read More »