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New Schtuff

January 31, 2006 3 Comments »

Proving that I have nothing to talk about now that the election is over (I don’t know enough to make Cabinet predictions, and I don’t care enough to make Liberal leadership predictions (except to point out the contrary to semi-popular ... Read More »

Big changes ahead?

January 27, 2006 Comments Off on Big changes ahead?

Colby Cosh explains to the readers of the LA Times just what has changed in Canada with the election of the Harper Conservatives: In sum: Canada remains in 2006 largely what it was in 2005 ? a country where cigarettes ... Read More »


January 25, 2006 Comments Off on Arg!

Current annoyance: politicos and talking heads saying Canadians chose to give Harper a minority government. Wrong! I don’t know about you all, but I didn’t receive any phone calls from Ontario saying, “So you’re voting Conservative, eh? I guess I’ll ... Read More »

Post-election reflection

January 24, 2006 1 Comment »

1. How did so many people vote Liberal? A couple of weeks ago, I said that people should vote for something, but did people actually take a look at the Liberal platform, the Liberal campaign, the Liberal leader and the ... Read More »

Big Election News

January 23, 2006 Comments Off on Big Election News

Paul Martin has conceded the election and congratulated Stephen Harper. Martin has also said he will not lead the LPC into the next election. That’s probably good news for the Liberal Party Read More »

Election stuff

January 23, 2006 Comments Off on Election stuff

I know, latecomer to the party… I’ve been playing with the National Post‘s stuff online – nice interactivity… Races I’m watching: Edmonton Center: Laurie Hawn leading Anne McLellan – wooha! Upperdate: He beat her! Manitoba Churchill: Bev Desjarlais (former Dipper) ... Read More »

I like it. It’s sneaky. And it just might work…

January 23, 2006 Comments Off on I like it. It’s sneaky. And it just might work…

Mind you, while we’re waiting for the polls to close, there doesn’t seem any harm in passing the time speculating on the results of some future election, or perhaps warming up for the real thing by pretending to report the ... Read More »

Sadly, I’m not surprised

January 22, 2006 Comments Off on Sadly, I’m not surprised

$250 energy rebate cheques for…drum roll please…prison imates Read More »

Election day

January 21, 2006 2 Comments »

Do any of you have connections in the maritimes so we don’t have to wait until 9:30 EST for results? I don’t. I think it is illegal to post them here, but with Skype we could all get up to ... Read More »

“Undecided” no longer

January 18, 2006 1 Comment »

So as most of you know, I’m usually fine voting for the NDP. However, back in November, I wrote that I was frustrated with Jack Layton’s inability to decide whether the Liberal Party of Canada was corrupt or whether they ... Read More »

Pick Your PM

January 17, 2006 1 Comment »

Your Results: 1. Stephen Harper Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (100%) 2. Gilles Duceppe Leader of the Bloc Quebecois (40%) 3. Jack Layton Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada (40%) 4. Paul Martin Leader of Liberal ... Read More »

Must have robots on the brain…

January 16, 2006 Comments Off on Must have robots on the brain…

Wired magazine lists their 50 favorite robots of all time… reaching back as far as the 1400s and all the way up to 2005… good read Read More »