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What’s wrong with the church

October 27, 2005 Comments Off on What’s wrong with the church

For the purposes of this discussion, when I say church, I am referring to evangelical Christianity (since that is what I am most familiar with), to the exclusion of Catholicism and such denominations as the United Church of Canada. To ... Read More »

Iran : wipe out Israel

October 27, 2005 Comments Off on Iran : wipe out Israel

Hmmm. I don’t see any problem with Iran getting nukes – do you Read More »

Bye bye light bulb?

October 23, 2005 1 Comment »

An accidental discovery may eventually eliminate traditional light bulbs, saving energy and opening the door to all kinds of possibilities&# Read More »

UN beyond saving

October 22, 2005 Comments Off on UN beyond saving

They’re been caught editing the incriminating report into the murder of Rafik Hariri, the former Lebanese Prime Minister. Boy, track changes in Word is a useful tool&# Read More »

Spare a sperm?

October 20, 2005 1 Comment »

Apparently, the new laws on compensation for donors of sperm and eggs in Canada has led to a dramatic decrease in the number of donors. A loophole allows semen and eggs to be obtained from the US. The story in ... Read More »

Maternity leaves are a federal jurisdiction

October 20, 2005 Comments Off on Maternity leaves are a federal jurisdiction

The Supreme Court ruled today that federal control of maternity is constitutional, reversing a Quebec court decision that had allowed for a provincial maternity benefits program… tricky question, since employment is federal and social programs are provincial&# Read More »


October 20, 2005 2 Comments »

The FCC has released new guidelines asked for by the FBI which require any VOIP service that connects to the POTS to be buggable. Question: Is that even possible Read More »

On truth being stranger than fiction…

October 13, 2005 Comments Off on On truth being stranger than fiction…

MP3/Bluetooth breast implants… say what Read More »

The phone disappointed, but the video Ipod rocks

October 12, 2005 2 Comments »

This one does it all, and you can download TV episodes (Lost, desparate housewives, 2 others) for $1.99. I am still not a big Apple fan, but do they ever know how to make cool stuff. The Ipod is a ... Read More »

No comment necessary

October 12, 2005 Comments Off on No comment necessary

Sometimes there are headlines that just say it all, and then some. Like this one: Atlantic premiers demand more cash Read More »

Rebate program

October 11, 2005 Comments Off on Rebate program

Thanks to Marc for pointing it out Read More »

Weyerhaeuser to close P.A. plant

October 6, 2005 1 Comment »

So the talk of the town for the last 3 days has been Weyerhaeuser’s announcement that they are closing the mill (part in January, and part later in the spring). 700 workers out of a job immediately, and a ton ... Read More »