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Headline of the day

April 30, 2005 Comments Off on Headline of the day

School Mistakes Huge Burrito for a Weapon A call about a possible weapon at a middle school prompted police to put armed officers on rooftops, close nearby streets and lock down the school. All over a giant burrito. Someone called ... Read More »

Why your server…

April 30, 2005 1 Comment »

…should be out of the country Read More »

Nokia N91

April 27, 2005 2 Comments »

Check out this phone: 4GB HD, dedicated music keys, supports all major media formats, and supports WCDMA, WLAN and Bluetooth. I think that means that Sasktel could offer this phone (being a CDMA provider)…look for it in 7 years. The ... Read More »

New SK math: 2+2+2 = 0+1+1. Here’s how…

April 26, 2005 Comments Off on New SK math: 2+2+2 = 0+1+1. Here’s how…

So the government of Saskatchewan says that they have not broken the 0-1-1 mandate for public sector union wage increases, but recent publicity suggest the teachers got 2-2-2 for their latest contract. You may be asking yourself: how can these ... Read More »

Ipsos Poll

April 23, 2005 4 Comments »

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Unnecessary meddling

April 23, 2005 1 Comment »

So from reading between the lines in this article, it seems like pro-abortion groups are ticked off that pro-life groups are using ultrasounds to dissuade women from getting abortions, so they’ve lobbied the Illinois Senate with some bad science to ... Read More »

June election for sure

April 21, 2005 Comments Off on June election for sure

After the speeches tonight (Martin’s here and Harper’s here), it’s clear that we’re going to have an election. Paul Wells disagrees, and thinks that Martin has at least won on that point. But here’s why he’s wrong. The Bloc want ... Read More »

Layton’s speech

April 21, 2005 1 Comment »

Is there a more arrogant public speaker than Jack Layton? So conscending, all the time. He gave a campaign speech too. Nice to see Haper and Layton used the word “dithering.&# Read More »

Duceppe’s speech

April 21, 2005 Comments Off on Duceppe’s speech

As usual Duceppe spoke well. Not much new in his speech Read More »

Harper’s speech

April 21, 2005 Comments Off on Harper’s speech

Harper basically gave a campaign speech. He talked about the scandal, and conservative priorities. He didn’t accept the PM’s speech. The translation was terrible, I don’t understand how it could be that bad Read More »

Martin’s speech

April 21, 2005 5 Comments »

The main news, Mr. Dithers wants us to wants to wait until the commission is done, then an election will be called within a month. I thought it was a self-righteous meaningless speech. He distanced himself from the scandal, and ... Read More »

New Pope, just like the old Pope

April 19, 2005 7 Comments »

Joseph Ratzinger, who will become Pope Benedict XVI, was elected today by the Cardinals of the Roman Catholic church. The new Pope is a controversial choice because his doctrine is very conservative, going so far as to call other Christian ... Read More »