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Social security reform

January 27, 2005 2 Comments »

As you can imagine, I’m all for social security/CPP reform that allows private investment for young workers. This article by Thomas Sowell puts it much better than I can. The biggest difference seems to get the least attention: With private ... Read More »

Iraq update

January 27, 2005 Comments Off on Iraq update

Hitchens, an avowed leftist who strongly supports the liberation of Iraq, says things are going pretty well, all things considered. And Jonah Goldberg reminds us that yes, radical islamists do hate freedom and democracy. Musab al-Zarqawi: “We have declared a ... Read More »

LOTR funnies

January 21, 2005 2 Comments »

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Vancouver’s ongoing drug weirdness

January 19, 2005 4 Comments »

Proving once again that there must be something in the water in the lower mainland, Vancouver is giving out free heroin to “carefully selected” addicts. The goal isn’t getting them off drugs… oh, no – it’s a better living environment ... Read More »

Steyn: no Geneva convention for terrorists

January 16, 2005 Comments Off on Steyn: no Geneva convention for terrorists

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Sgro finally resigns

January 14, 2005 2 Comments »

Our immigration minister has finally resigned after a Toronto pizzeria owner signed an affidavit alleging that she promised him asylum in return for providing food and workers for her re-election campaign last June, and that when word of their arrangement ... Read More »

Apple launches Mac mini, iPod shuffle

January 11, 2005 4 Comments »

They still have a few cool products, at least on the hardware side. They should really just forget the OS side of things, and stick to what they do best – make cool stuff Read More »

CBS fires 4, hangs head in shame

January 10, 2005 2 Comments »

Rathergate, Memogate, Ratherbiased, whatever you want to call it, the report is out. Apparently “myopic zeal” lwas responsible for the fiasco. I’m not sure that’s quite enough to describe a news organization that started out with 4 experts to authenticate ... Read More »

DART – the R isn’t for rapid

January 6, 2005 1 Comment »

A mere 11 days after the Tsunami hit south Asia, our Disaster Assistance Response Team is off to help, arriving in Sri Lanka on…Saturday. I guess there are a number of pit stops that have to be made as we ... Read More »

Signs we are over-litigated: Wackiest consumer warning label contest

January 6, 2005 1 Comment »

On a toilet brush: “Do not use for personal hygiene.” ($500) On a children’s scooter: “This product moves when used.” ($250) On a digital thermometer: “Once used rectally, the thermometer should not be used orally.” ($100) Read More »

Is the US generous enough? Why is there even a controversy?

January 4, 2005 Comments Off on Is the US generous enough? Why is there even a controversy?

Outstanding Mark Steyn here. And there’s this: We are six percent or less of the world’s population, yet we give almost half. We are a very small number of people, relatively speaking, and we carry the weight of a dozen ... Read More »

Ashlee Simpson sucks

January 4, 2005 1 Comment »

I just flipped over the the half time show at the Orange Bowl, where OK is getting shalacked by USC 38-10. Ashlee Simpson was doing something not resembling singing in tune, finished up horribly, and the crowd booed loudly…I don’t ... Read More »