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Big debate tonight

September 30, 2004 2 Comments »

Will everyone be watching the debate tonight? Micky and I will be online, so look for posts. I suspect it will be a draw, and Kerry will look orange and haughty. Bush will be Bush. Should be fun Read More »

The Globe and Mail

September 29, 2004 Comments Off on The Globe and Mail

Interesting post from David Frum on the Globe and Mail. It appears the paper is in the habit of allowing op-editors fabricate quotations without consequence. [O]ne of the Globe?s regular columnists is the chair of the Canadian branch of the ... Read More »

CMAJ declares safe injection site a success

September 28, 2004 4 Comments »

CBC news is reporting that a new Canadian Medical Association Journal study is hailing Vancouver’s safe injection site a success, largely due to an increase in public order. This improvement is apparently brought about by more junkies shooting up inside ... Read More »

No FreGer troops – big surprise

September 27, 2004 1 Comment »

French and German government officials say they will not significantly increase military assistance in Iraq even if John Kerry, the Democratic presidential challenger, is elected on November Read More »

Remind me again…

September 23, 2004 1 Comment »

Often I forget how dangerous and incompetent government can truly be. But then there is a story like this about AdScam. How did the Liberals not lose the last election? Email text to Public Works in 1999: I was referred ... Read More »

The Kerryness of being Kerry: here

September 23, 2004 Comments Off on The Kerryness of being Kerry: here

Conceding that he was never in Cambodia on Christmas Eve 1968, the Senator says that those words were repeatedly placed in his mouth by over-zealous speechwriters. He wasn?t in Cambodia, his wife?s first husband?s corporation?s wholly owned subsidiary was in ... Read More »

In the face of evil

September 22, 2004 Comments Off on In the face of evil

In the Face of Evil: Reagan?s War in Word and Deed is a man and nation?s journey through the heart of darkness?and what that journey means for us today. This film is not a biography of Ronald Reagan, but a ... Read More »

Low Carb – why does the Gov care?

September 22, 2004 3 Comments »

Is this true: “There was – and still is – no reason from a nutrient point of view to be concerned with the amount of carbs that we eat,” Carole Saindon, a spokeswoman for Health Canada, said in an interview. ... Read More »

Speeding Ticket

September 22, 2004 Comments Off on Speeding Ticket

205 miles an hour? Wow&# Read More »

September 22, 2004 Comments Off on

This is a great site. Lots of great satire, including a Michael Moore movie, and this headline: 55% Of Iraqis Who Would Have been Murdered or Maimed if Saddam Stayed in Power Want U.S. Out Read More »

Funny Kerry picture

September 20, 2004 Comments Off on Funny Kerry picture

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More on CBS

September 15, 2004 Comments Off on More on CBS

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