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Victor Davis Hanson on Kerry

August 28, 2004 1 Comment »

Very good Victor Davis Hanson article on Kerry. A rare article on this topic with perspective and thoughtfulness Read More »

Frum on Swiftboatvets

August 27, 2004 4 Comments »

The Ad that Worked Read More »

Kerry’s war record

August 27, 2004 Comments Off on Kerry’s war record

It looks like the house of cards that Kerry has built and called a campaign is beginning to tumble. I imagine this is only the beginning of what will come out, but at the very least Kerry has been embellishing ... Read More »

The strange world of IVF

August 26, 2004 2 Comments »

Adoption, incineration, funerals, cold storage, carry-out… all of these and more are performed on excess embryos at American IVF clinics Read More »

Steyn on Kerry

August 24, 2004 1 Comment »

I said a couple of weeks back that John Kerry was too strange to be President, and a week or two earlier that he was too stuck-up to be President. Since I’m on an alliterative roll, let me add that ... Read More »

Open question

August 22, 2004 1 Comment »

I was at camp last week, what happened in the world Read More »

Canada Poll

August 10, 2004 1 Comment »

How Canada would vote in US election: Kerry 60 Bush 22 What a disaster… Even Alberta is about the same Read More »

Strange world

August 10, 2004 1 Comment »

Is it just New York, or is the whole world emotionaly and relationaly disfunctional? The grab fests are called cuddle parties, and since they started in New York in February, hundreds of people have paid $30 each to touch and ... Read More »

Obama speech

August 8, 2004 1 Comment »

Did any of you see the Barack Obama speech at the democratic convention? I’ve finally got around to watching the speeches. The Obama one was outstanding. It was a great speech and he is a great speaker. Most of the ... Read More »

Diverted resources

August 5, 2004 Comments Off on Diverted resources

This is so good that I had to post it here so I can refer to is again later. The Kerry Spot has an excellent response to the argument that Iraq diverted resources from the war on terror and the ... Read More »

Linux headache in Munich

August 5, 2004 1 Comment »

Interesting development in the “Linux is the answer to everything!” story: “The biggest-ever Windows-to-Linux migration–the city of Munich’s 14,000 desktops–has been put on ice while legal issues are settled.” This was heralded as the beginning of the end of Windows/Office ... Read More »

An ad about Kerry

August 4, 2004 2 Comments »

A new ad about Kerry. Who knows what really happened. But Kerry hasn’t given a compelling reason to vote for him other than his Vietnam service and that he isn’t President Bush. A developing story I guess Read More »