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Bad for society in general

January 9, 2004 Comments Off on Bad for society in general

Great article by Maggie Gallagher on This has been, of course, the big message of the family diversity crowd since the dawn of the sexual revolution: Adults have awesome intimacy needs that must be met. Family forms, social norms, ... Read More »

EMI can bite me

January 8, 2004 2 Comments »

I recently, and with much trepidation, bought EMI label’s copy-controlled “CD” Worship Together: Canada. This morning, I spent 1? hours getting usable tracks off my legally purchased “CD” onto my hard drive, as is my right under the Canadian copyright ... Read More »

Howard Dean and faith

January 8, 2004 1 Comment »

Howard Dean says his faith swayed his decision on gay unions, according to this article. “The overwhelming evidence is that there is very significant, substantial genetic component to it,” Dean said in an interview Wednesday. “From a religious point of ... Read More »

Now I’ve seen everything

January 6, 2004 1 Comment »

Prosthetic testicles for castrated pets. ‘Nuff said Read More »

2 great Steyn columns

January 4, 2004 1 Comment »

Winning is Losing [W]e now live in a world where there is no agreement on events that have already happened…For example, last year I thought the Americans won an amazing military victory in Iraq; the European media, by contrast, thought ... Read More »

BBC: Bin Laden “allegedly” behind 9/11 attack

January 4, 2004 Comments Off on BBC: Bin Laden “allegedly” behind 9/11 attack

According to the BBC (and Howard Dean), we aren’t sure if BL was behind the bombing of the World Trade Towers. Isn’t this issue settled? Isn’t there video tape of him celebrating how great the plan was, how it went ... Read More »