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Canadian parents retain the right to spank children

January 30, 2004 3 Comments »

The Supreme Court ruled 6-3 today not to repeal Section 43 of the Canadian Criminal Code, which exempts parents from prosecution for correcting children with physical force. They did, however, impose new restrictions. Parents may not use corporal punishment on ... Read More »

Tony Blair and David Kelly

January 28, 2004 1 Comment »

Tony Blair was vindicated today in the David Kelly tragedy. The BBC head has quit. That is good news for Blair, and it is good to hear that his government isn’t at fault for Kelly’s suicide. Summary of report Read More »

Shameful – We’ve run out of bullets

January 27, 2004 1 Comment »

For almost a year now, militia units in 125 towns and cities across Canada have had only extremely limited amounts of live or “ball” ammunition — just enough for soldiers to requalify annually on their service weapons — and some ... Read More »

Cool School

January 21, 2004 1 Comment »

This school in Ontario is using tablet PCs to see if they can improve learning in grade 8. The classes are almost paperless, and each student is connected to the Internet. They are also going to start voice over IP. ... Read More »


January 20, 2004 Comments Off on SOTU

Good, but not great, speech tonight. He hit all the major areas: the war on terror, tax cuts, pro growth economic policy, healthcare reform (sort of), social security reform (sort of), the importance of marriage, etc. What did you guys ... Read More »

Designer babies

January 20, 2004 1 Comment »

Newsweek has a fascinating article on new technologies that allow you to pre-determine the sex of your baby. Now, aside from the that-takes-all-the-fun-out-of-it aspect, there are a couple of quotes that bother me: As for MicroSort, of the more than ... Read More »

Dick Gephardt Out (#3)

January 19, 2004 1 Comment »

CNN and NBC say Dick Gephardt is out, after his awful performance in Iowa. It will be interesting to see who all the industrial unions support now. That being said, they didn’t help Gephardt much. This leaves seven candidates, five ... Read More »

Kerry wins Iowa

January 19, 2004 1 Comment »

John Kerry won the Iowa caucus. Kerry 38 Edwards 32 Dean 18 Gephardt 11 All of those numbers are shocking. Big win for Kerry, outstanding performance by Edwards, terrible performance by Dean, and unbelievably bad for Gephardt. The Gepardt number ... Read More »

Carol Moseley Braun Out (#2)

January 15, 2004 1 Comment »

Carol Moseley Braun is the second democratic candidate for president to drop out (Bob Graham was first a few months ago). She is now supporting Howard Dean. Eight candidates left. Iowa is on Monday, votes that count are starting soon Read More »


January 15, 2004 3 Comments »

Use the Fontifier to turn your handwriting into a True Type font usable on any computer! Cool! Read More »

Dumb and dumber file…

January 14, 2004 2 Comments »

A Wisconsin man sues the cable TV company for making his wife fat and his kids lazy. Is there no personal responsibility Read More »

Iowa strangeness

January 10, 2004 2 Comments »

I am a big fan of the US primary system as a method for choosing a leader. But the Iowa system is bizarre, as this article details. I never realized that was how cacauses work. If Gephardt wins Iowa, that ... Read More »