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LA Times CA poll

September 30, 2003 2 Comments »

New poll in CA from the LATimes. Recall: Yes 56 No 42 Replacement: Schwarzenegger 40 Bustamante 32 McClintock 15 I believe this one more than the other day, since I thought the other used a likely voter model too favourable ... Read More »

Yeah for President Bush

September 30, 2003 1 Comment »

President Bush moved $25 M that would have gone to the United Nations Population Fund to the Child Survival and Health Programs Fund. It is good to see him make a decision that will have the effect of lowering the ... Read More »

Huffington out

September 30, 2003 1 Comment »

Huffington is out in the CA recall race. She was polling at 2 %, which will now probably go to Bustamante and Canejo. In a very close race this could matter, but it isn’t clear that it will be close. ... Read More »


September 30, 2003 2 Comments »

Mmmm… multi-monitor goodness&# Read More »

So it’s come to this…

September 30, 2003 Comments Off on So it’s come to this…

A new company allows you to send a Trojan keystroke logging program to someone in the guise of an e-card. Billed as a way of keeping tabs on spouses, Lover Spy will download the keystroke logging program onto the target’s ... Read More »

Is Clark loopy?

September 30, 2003 1 Comment »

He stated to a group of supporters in New Hampshire that he believes time travel is possible. Wha….? Well, his whole campaign has been, uh, different from what you might expect from a presidential hopeful. Drafted by internet volunteers, a ... Read More »

Newfoundland Election

September 30, 2003 Comments Off on Newfoundland Election

A Newfoundland election has been called for Oct. 21. The liberals are currently in power but trails the PCs in the polls Read More »

PEI Election

September 30, 2003 Comments Off on PEI Election

The PCs won huge in the PEI Election, winning 23 of 27 seats, and the popular vote 54-43-3. I’m surprised the NDP number was that low Read More »

Arnold will win

September 29, 2003 Comments Off on Arnold will win

This looks to seal it for the Terminator – the state GOP are taking the unprecedented step of unanimously endorsing him. Oh, and a recent poll shows support for the recall at 63%, with Arnold (40%)leading Bustamente (25% and McClintock ... Read More »

Excellent review of Bush’s speech to the UN

September 24, 2003 Comments Off on Excellent review of Bush’s speech to the UN

But the real news was that the president stuck to his guns. He implored the international community to stand for something other than self-interest and moral relativism. He reminded the crowd in Turtle Bay that the U.N. was founded to ... Read More »

Did someone not invite us to the party?

September 24, 2003 2 Comments »

Does anyone know anything about a bunch of comments posted Sept 22nd on this topic? I’m a little curious as to who these people are, first of all, and why they’re on this blog in particular and what deleted posts ... Read More »

Colin Powell quote

September 23, 2003 Comments Off on Colin Powell quote

Colin Powell said the US is a Judeo-Christian nation, then immediately took it back. Interesting quote and surprising from Powell Read More »