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No creationist nonsense here… un-uh, no way….

August 20, 2003 Comments Off on No creationist nonsense here… un-uh, no way….

Texas is in the midst of its review of biology textbooks and the usual suspects have crawled out of the woodwork., in a rare show of “completely” “unbiased” “reporting”, gives their take on it (registration required). You know, I ... Read More »

Swedish military

August 19, 2003 2 Comments »

Canada needs to attack Sweden sometime after normal office hours to boost military morale. They are worse than us, we could take them Read More »

California Poll III

August 17, 2003 Comments Off on California Poll III

Bustamante 25 Schwarzenegger 22 Here is the data. It would be very helpful to Arnold for one or both of Simon and McClintock to drop out. The republican support is split all over. By the way, I believe these numbers ... Read More »

Silicon Valley’s take on Arnold

August 15, 2003 Comments Off on Silicon Valley’s take on Arnold

They’re not really sure what to make of him, but statistically, they give more money to Democrats, so that may affect how they vote Read More »

I may have to start reading Ann Coulter

August 14, 2003 1 Comment »

I think this is as good as any Mark Steyn column (blasphemy!) I have ever read. Funny and cutting – I may have to read her books and start reading her regularily. California is, in fact, a perfect petri dish ... Read More »

Does Canada need a National ID card?

August 14, 2003 1 Comment »

Denis Coderre, who as I’m sure you know is the Citizenship and Immigration Minister – official motos “terrorists, war criminals and welfare bums wanted” and “what, me worry?” – is pushing for one Considering the source, I would say we ... Read More »


August 14, 2003 Comments Off on Exactly

Stockwell Day is far from perfect, and he may have blown the CA’s best chance at growth, but he has been a very good foreign affairs critic, and he is right on with this statement regarding the torture of Bill ... Read More »

Arnold changes everything?

August 12, 2003 2 Comments »

Very intriguing article on the impact of Arnold’s announcement on politics in CA by David Horowitz. He thinks that Arnold offers the only positive outcome for the GOP, and that if he is a decent governor, for the people of ... Read More »

Diamond semi-conductors

August 12, 2003 4 Comments »

Challenging the De Beers diamond cartel might seem like economic suicide, but for two US start-ups, it’s only the beginning. Eventually, they plan to revolutionize the computer industry with diamond replacing silicon in computer chips Read More »

New cans for Canada?

August 12, 2003 1 Comment »

Toto toilets may make an appearance in your bathroom, if the Japanese toilet manufacturer gets its way. Think of the bathroom scene in Demolition Man. Be afraid&# Read More »


August 11, 2003 Comments Off on Wi-Media

An article on the forthcoming 802.15.3, a wireless standard for streaming media between entertainment devices Read More »

California Poll II

August 11, 2003 1 Comment »

Today’s California Gallup poll (much different than yesterday) Recall Davis Yes 69 No 26 Arnold’s personal numbers are fantastic, I can’t believe they are that good. His favorable rating is 82 %, and is seen as a legimate candidate by ... Read More »