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Israel marriage

July 31, 2003 1 Comment »

I almost always defend Israel, but this action of theirs seems wrong. Am I just reading this wrong, or do you all agree Read More »

Sask NDP

July 30, 2003 3 Comments »

A story out of Reg-town was linked on Drudge today. Unfortunately, it is not a good story. The NDP there seems to think insulting President Bush is the best way to get the US border open to Canadian beef. Or ... Read More »


July 30, 2003 Comments Off on Marriage

The Vatican wants Catholic MPs to prevent gay marriage from becoming law in Canada, and at least one Liberal cabinet minister has done the same. David Kilgour, Secretary of State for Asia-Pacific and a Presbyterian, wrote to his constituents: “I ... Read More »

Bush Press conference

July 30, 2003 Comments Off on Bush Press conference

This morning’s press conference was awesome ? that?s the best I?ve seen him in a long time, if ever. He was relaxed, handled the questions well, and made his position clear on every major issue, from Iraq, NK, marriage, the ... Read More »

Dean is a fundraising machine

July 29, 2003 2 Comments »

The Howard Dean campaign (official slogan: “the doctor is in”) has revolutionized fundraising by using the Internet to raise money. Recently, they raised more than the vice prez during the same time period; Cheney raised $300,000 at a dinner, while ... Read More »

Maybe not a great idea

July 29, 2003 1 Comment »

The Pentagon’s controversial plan to use the market to predict events is coming under fire, and probably for good reason.  Investors buy futures contracts on possible events – money is made if the particular event actually happens.  Now I know ... Read More »

Terrorism in Canada

July 25, 2003 1 Comment »

An al-Qaida plot to attack the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa has been foiled by cooperation between the Syrian inteligence service and the CIA. When Kelly and I walked past it in April, we were amazed at the security, the high ... Read More »

Jack Kemp?

July 24, 2003 3 Comments »

Drudge says Jack Kemp is thinking about running for CA governor. That would be awesome. He is a conservative hero. Though he was an awful VP candidate in 1996, he would be a great candidate in 2003, and governor if ... Read More »

Tragedy not prevented by gun registry

July 24, 2003 1 Comment »

This is a very, very sad story. A man killed his wife and kids after she told him she was leaving. But note the last line: The man had several firearms registered in his name for hunting, police said. So ... Read More »

California Recall

July 23, 2003 1 Comment »

The California recall election will happen. It will be scheduled tomorrow. On Drudge, it says Arnold won’t run, but that is unattributed. The official story from Arnold is he hasn’t decided yet Read More »

Iraq is no Vietnam

July 22, 2003 3 Comments »

A wonderful and encouraging commentary on Iraq. There’s tons of good news, but these 2 quotes sums it up: The flower stalls along the Tigris are also making a comeback. “Business is good…In the past we sold a lot of ... Read More »

Saddam’s sons killed

July 22, 2003 2 Comments »

MSN News reports that Saddam’s sons have been killed in a firefight in Iraq Read More »