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Your tax dollars at work

May 30, 2003 2 Comments »

From the NP: “A federally funded report says “masculinists” are orchestrating a backlash against feminism and blaming women for oppressing and discriminating against men” The report, School Success by Gender: A Catalyst for the Masculinist Discourse, cost $75,000, and recommends ... Read More »

Interesting Canadian polling and research site

May 30, 2003 1 Comment »

Have you ever tried I got the link of, and there are a couple of interesting polls available – one on political party support, and one on missle defence. Speaking of which, Ian, are you for or against ... Read More »

Clinton Idea

May 28, 2003 3 Comments »

I agree with Clinton on something. He wants to amend the constitution to say that no one can be elected president for more than two consecutive terms, rather than two terms lifetime. This is a good idea, and wouldn’t apply ... Read More »

The PM gets honest about where he stands

May 28, 2003 2 Comments »

“Of course we don’t think alike, particularly on social matters. He’s a conservative from the southern United States and I’m a liberal Canadian,” Chretien told reporters in a long and unusually frank conversation during a flight to Athens. “I’m for ... Read More »

Middle East Peace Maybe

May 25, 2003 1 Comment »

It sounds like good news from the middle east. I don’t know how this will play out, but it seems like Israel and the Palestinians both agree on the plan. I guess the centerpiece is a Palestinian state by Read More »

Where is everybody ?

May 25, 2003 2 Comments »

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Another reason not to like Clinton

May 20, 2003 1 Comment »

Why would anyone read Blumenthal? Or respect Clinton? Check out this excerpt from an interview with CNN: HEMMER: So here’s what people on the outside of the White House want to know, how can you respect a man and work ... Read More »

The president, his faith , and foreign policy.

May 18, 2003 Comments Off on The president, his faith , and foreign policy.

Interesting article from Christianity Today on the President’s faith and how it has shaped tin foreign policy since 9/11. CT online is a wonderful site, chalked full of resources and excellent articles; well worth a look. Check at the links ... Read More »

Matrix Reloaded

May 16, 2003 3 Comments »

Went to see the new Matrix movie last night, and all I can say is “Awesome”! The new movie takes you deeper into what the Matrix is and what Neo’s role in it will be. At times, it bogs down ... Read More »

Good site for Canadian news

May 15, 2003 Comments Off on Good site for Canadian news

It’s like Drudge in style, but distintly Canadian. Worth checking out… Read More »

New York times reporter lies (and doesn’t get away with it)

May 14, 2003 2 Comments »

From the realm of “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” – a New York Times expos? uncovered wrongdoing by one of their reporters; from falsely filed travel vouchers to fabricated stories. Wow… I’m stunned&# Read More »

New toy!

May 14, 2003 1 Comment »

Yay – my new camera is here – it’s a 3.2 megapixel bundle of goodness Read More »