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Good news

April 30, 2003 Comments Off on Good news

The State Department, in its annual report on global terrorism, says the number of terror attacks declined sharply last year due to increased international cooperation and resolve Read More »

The UN needs a reformation

April 30, 2003 1 Comment »

The usual from the Human Rights committee: – members formed blocs to prevent discussion of alleged rights violations in Zimbabwe. – ended scrutiny of Sudan and rejected a resolution condemning Russia’s record in Chechnya. – failed to approve an amendment ... Read More »

Good news from Cyprus

April 29, 2003 1 Comment »

It seems that there is progress on the tiny island, as the barrier that has divided Nicosia (the capital) was lifted last Thursday, and people are now able to travel on both sides of the line. Good stuff Read More »

France again

April 28, 2003 Comments Off on France again

Documents found in Iraq today show France kept Iraq opposition members away from a human rights conference. The more that comes out about their conduct the worse it gets Read More »

Hussein – bin laden link

April 28, 2003 1 Comment »

As expected, Hussein has been linked to bin laden in this article. Thank goodness someone with the courage of President Bush and PM Blair dealt with this guy Read More »

New stem cell source

April 28, 2003 1 Comment »

CBC (Jer’s favoritenews source) reports that a dentist accidentally discovered what could potentially be a plentiful new source for stem cells (those undifferentiated cells that can be made to grow into a variety of phenotypes) – baby teeth. Think what ... Read More »

The proof that Saddam worked with bin Laden

April 28, 2003 1 Comment »

Very interesting scoop, outlining of at least a part of the relationship between Saddamm Hussein and Bin Laden. So much for all the denials… There’s some other good stuff, including how the Russians passed on conversations between Blair and Berlusconi. ... Read More »

Our foreign policy

April 25, 2003 Comments Off on Our foreign policy

Great commentary by former general Lewis MacKenzie. Will someone please sign him up to run for the Canadian Alliance? Soon? Is there to be no end to the humiliation we must endure resulting from Ottawa’s mismanagement of the Iraq/Afghanistan file? ... Read More »

Does the UN matter?

April 23, 2003 2 Comments »

North Korea nominated to UN rights commission UNITED NATIONS – The United Nations has listed North Korea and Cuba as candidates for election to its Human Rights Commission, even though the commission has just censured them for rights abuses. Will ... Read More »

William Kristol article

April 19, 2003 Comments Off on William Kristol article

Good William Kristol article on the war on terror. But that era–in which the American stance was one of doubt, weakness, and retreat, in which we failed to affirm our most cherished principles or even stand up for ourselves–came to ... Read More »

Ari Fleischer on Syria

April 18, 2003 2 Comments »

From White House press briefing the other day: Q Why is the focus on Syria? MR. FLEISCHER: Well, the focus is on Syria is because Syria is the nation that’s harboring Iraqis. Q Do you have proof of that? MR. ... Read More »

Outstanding Victor Davis Hanson article

April 17, 2003 Comments Off on Outstanding Victor Davis Hanson article

Another outstanding Victor Davis Hanson article. If he keeps writing like this, he could become my favorite columnist, meaning #1. Just one of many good parts: But the lethality of the military is not just organizational or a dividend of ... Read More »